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Using the Mouse[edit]

In general, when using the mouse in the field, left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png selects something, and right-click PC Mouse Right Click.png performs an action.

Selection and Movement[edit]

  • To select a unit or building, left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png the unit.
  • To select all units of the same type, double-click (PC Mouse Left Click.pngx2) a unit of that type.
  • To select multiple units, click and hold the PC Mouse Left Click.png button and drag a box around the units (release to select the unit(s)).
  • To garrison selected units in a building, hold Alt and right-click PC Mouse Right Click.png the building.
  • The top-left of the screen contains a number of group banners. You can select a group of units and then right-click PC Mouse Right Click.png on a group banner to create a group.
  • To add more units to an existing group, select the units, then hold Shift and right-click PC Mouse Right Click.png the banner of the group to which you want to add the units.
  • Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png a group banner to select all the units in that group.

Selecting buildings and units gives you access to a menu for that particular building/unit. The commands available in that menu will depend on the abilities of the building/unit, or, if multiple units are selected, the combined abilities of those units (some abilities may not appear if multiple types of units are selected at the same time).

With a unit (or units) selected, right-click PC Mouse Right Click.png on the field or the mini-map to move the unit(s) to that point. Exploration of the map reveals surrounding terrain, resources, and enemies. Right-clicking PC Mouse Right Click.png an item on the field will perform certain default actions (attack an enemy, gather a resource).

The Screen[edit]

In addition to the field on which you select and interact with your units and buildings, there are a number of other interface elements on the screen that are important, especially for users playing the game primarily with the mouse. These elements are grouped at the top and bottom of the screen.


Going from left to right, the interface elements at the top of the screen are as follows:

  • Group Banners: Assigned groups are available from these banners
  • Age Advancement Bar/God Power Display: Age advancement progress and god powers are displayed in the center of the top portion of the screen
  • Objective Banner: Click PC Mouse Left Click.png this banner to view your objectives
  • Hero Banner: Click PC Mouse Left Click.png to find Heroes
  • Idle Villager Banner: Click PC Mouse Left Click.png to find idle villagers
  • Menu Group: The collection of items on the top-right of the screen are as follows:
    • Civilization Chart
    • Player Status
    • Tribute
    • Chat
    • In-Game Menu


From left to right, the elements at the bottom of the screen are as follows:

  • Resource Panel: Shows current stock-piled resources (from top-to-bottom)
    • Food
    • Wood
    • Gold
    • Population/Population Limit
    • Favor
  • Command Panel: Displays available tasks, units, buildings, commands, and improvements for selected unit(s)/building
  • Stats: Displays information about the currently selected building/unit(s)
  • Production Queue/Selected Units: Shows the currently selected unit(s), any items currently in the selected building's production queue, and any improvement progress
  • Mini-map: An overview of the game map is displayed in a diamond on the bottom-right of the screen, surrounded by five buttons around the exterior of the bottom half of the map
    • Flare: Sends a distress signal visible to all players
    • Town Center: centers the field view on your Town Center
    • Combat Filter: Toggles display of military units and buildings on the mini-map
    • Resource Filter: Toggles display of economic units and buildings on the mini-map
    • Default Filter: Toggles display of all units and buildings on the mini-map


Most of the hotkeys can be configured in the game's menus.

Button Action
Home Cycle through event notifications
. Cycle through idle villagers
, Cycle through idle military units
/ Cycle through heroes
Space Center view on selected unit
Ctrl+(1-9) Assign group number to selected units
1-9 Select group assigned to this number
Shift+(1-9) Select group assigned to this number in addition to currently selected units
F1 Display detailed help
F2 Display improvements
F3 Display objectives
F4 Display score
F5 Display chat menu
F6 Display tribute menu
F7 Display diplomacy menu
F8 Quicksave
F9 Quickload
F10 Display in-game menu
F11 Display game time
Ctrl+F12 Capture screenshots
Delete Delete selected unit or building
Pause Pause game
Enter Display chat interface
H Select Town Center

Building Hotkeys[edit]

With a villager/ulfsark selected, use the following keys to build the following items:

Key Item to build
E House
F Farm
T Temple