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Regular units[edit]


  • Type: Infantry

The Spearman is a fast infantry unit that is good against cavalry.


  • Type: Infantry Counter

The Axeman is the Egyptian infantry counter.


  • Type: Ranged infantry

The Slinger is the Egyptian counter to Archers and counter-infantry such as the Throwing Axeman or Axeman.


  • Type: Cavalry

Camelry are tough and fast units that are good against other cavalry, archers and siege weapons.

Chariot Archer[edit]

  • Type: Archer

The Chariot Archer is a long ranged and highly mobile archer, good against infantry.

War Elephant[edit]

  • Type: Cavalry

War Elephants are very tough cavalry units that are good against buildings.

Siege Tower[edit]

  • Type: Siege weapon

The Siege Tower is melee siege weapon. Five units may be garrisoned inside the tower. The Siege Tower also has a ranged attack that is only strong against buildings.


  • Type: Siege weapon

Catapults are a ranged siege weapon, with the largest range of any unit in the game.



  • Type: Warship

The Kebenit is the Egyptian arrow type ship. It counters ramming ships.

Ramming Galley[edit]

  • Type: Warship

The Ramming Galley is the Egyptian ramming type ship, and counters siege ships. Ramming ships are also good against naval myth units.

War Barge[edit]

  • Type: Warship

The War Barge is the Egyptian siege type ship. It counters arrow ships.

Special units[edit]


  • Type: Infantry

Mercenaries are extremely powerful units, units that have 'no true counter'. They are trained almost instantly from the town centre and take no population; however die after 40 seconds.

Mercenary Cavalry[edit]

  • Type: Cavalry

The Mercenary Cavalry is an extremely powerful unit trained almost instantly, dying after 40 seconds. The Mercenary Cavalry is faster and tougher than the Mercenary, but more require more gold.


  • Type: Hero

Egyptian hero unit. All Egyptians start with a pharaoh at the beginning of the game, and he is respawned if killed. As well as countering myth units, he can heal units, gather relics, and empower buildings. Set's Pharaoh can summon animals which may be either used as a fighting unit, or a cheap food resource.


  • Type: Hero

Priests are lesser versions of the Pharaoh. They cannot ordinarily empower buildings and cannot carry relics, but instead they have the ability to summon Obelisks, which are cheap structures that provide Line of Sight, and heal units.

Son of Osiris[edit]

  • Type: Hero

Osiris' god power converts the Pharaoh into the mighty Son of Osiris (a reference to the god Horus). The Son of Osiris has a massive attack, and his lightning attack will hit up to four units at once. Because he retains his bonus to myth units, the Son of Osiris is even more devastating than the Pharaoh against them, but he cannot be healed in any way.

Son of Osiris is one of the main units you should have, especially while attacking. He has all the abilities your pharaoh has with some extra abilities which are mentioned above. He is one of the main units while fighting titans. He has a large attack and high hit points but he has only a decent amount of armour. Be careful while using him as he will be your enemies' primary target.


  • Type: Myth Unit

Minions are melee units that are created whenever a mummy uses its special attack, or during the Ancestor god power. Minion are fast with a powerful melee attack but with low hit points. A minion will die one minute after it is summoned.

Lost Ships[edit]

  • Type: Naval Unit (Ranged)

Lost Ships are accurate ranged myth unit ships which are the result of using the Ancestor god power in water. Like minions, lost ships will die one minute after they are summoned.

Myth units[edit]


  • Type: Melee

The Sphinx is a myth unit that is good against buildings. Its special attack is a whirlwind of sand that damages every adjacent unit.


  • Type: Archer

The Wadjet is a tough but slow ranged unit. Its special ability is constantly regenerating hit points. It has an appearance similar to a cobra.


  • Type: Melee

The Anubite is a fast but weak myth unit that with a jump attack that does bonus damage to enemies. The Anubite refers to the god of death, Anubis.


  • Type: Archer

The Petsuchos is a long ranged unit that does a large amount of pierce damage, but has a slow rate of fire. Unlike regular ranged units, the Petsuchos fires with 100% accuracy.


  • Type: Transport unit

The Roc is a flying transport unit and can carry 15 land units via air to any point on the map. Mythically, the Roc refers to a legendary Arabian bird of prey, large enough to carry elephants. The explorer Marco Polo described such birds living in Madagascar, home to the (now extinct) Elephant bird.


  • Type: Melee (siege) unit

The Scarab is a siege myth unit. When killed, the Scarab sprays acid blood that damages nearby units.

Scorpion Man[edit]

  • Type: Melee

The Scorpion man is a melee myth unit. Its special attack is poisoning an enemy, causing them to take a small amount of hack damage every second for 15 seconds after the attack.


  • Type: Melee

The Mummy is a dual ranged/melee myth unit. Its special attack instantly kills any human unit and turns it into a minion. Minions are fairly tough melee units, but die after one minute.


  • Type: Melee

The Avenger is a melee unit that is good against other melee units. Its special attack is a whirlwind of spinning blades that damages every adjacent unit. It has the bird-headed appearance of the god Horus; the name "Avenger" refers to his revenge upon the god Set for killing his father, Osiris.


  • Type: Air unit (archer/ranged)

The Phoenix is a flying myth unit with a fire spread attack. When killed, a Phoenix egg is created on the battlefield. Unless destroyed, a Phoenix can be retrained almost instantly from that location.


  • Type: Transport unit

The Leviathan is a mythical naval transport that can also attack enemies. It can carry 15 land units.

War Turtle[edit]

  • Type: Naval unit (Melee)

The War Turtle is a powerful, but slow mythical naval unit. Its special attack flings nearby ships out of the water, doing additional damage.