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This is a compilation of all of the Greek gods.

Major Gods[edit]


Zeus was born to Kronos and Rhea, both titans. Because his father was told he would be overthrown by child of his, he swallowed each of his children at birth. Eventually Rhea grew tired of this, and substituted a large stone in place of Zeus. When he grew, he came to rescue his siblings, and overthrow his father. The titans were then banished to Tartarus. Zeus was given the reign of the immortals at Olympus and took the mantel of thunder among others. He is often pictured holding a Bolt of Lightning, forged by his the three cyclops he freed during his battle with Kronos. He is married to Hera.

Civilization Bonuses

The Zeus player starts with favor (15), gains favor faster than other Greek cultures, and has a favor cap of 200, instead of the 100 imposed on every other major god.
Hoplites move faster. Hoplites (infantry) move faster (approx. 10%) than other infantry.
Infantry cause extra damage to buildings. Double damage to buildings hit by infantry weapons.
The Myrmidon is a unique unit to Zeus built in the mythic age fortress. The Myrmidon is an infantry unit with bonus damage versus Egyptian and Norse units.

God Power

Bolt. Bolt is capable of killing any one unit (causes 200 damage) that the player has line of sight on.

Unique Technology

Olympic Parentage. Zeus supplies your hero units with extra hit points

Minor God Choices

Classical Age--Athena, Hermes
Heroic Age--Apollo, Dionysus
Mythic Age--Hephaestus, Hera

Tips for Playing

The best use of the Bolt power is to hold off and see if a Norse Loki player goes Hel in the Mythic or a Ra player worships Osiris. Each of these two gods grant a GP that creates a very powerful unit hard to kill by other means. Bolt will do the job easily. Another decent use of this power is to kill an enemy hero unit in a large battle to turn the tide quickly, or to destroy an enemy scout early, so they are crippled in knowledge.
Because Zeus gains favor faster, the player can save population slots by not creating as many worshippers. This can then be used for extra gatherers or troops.
Hoplites move faster and since they are infantry, they counter cavalary. They are excellent at getting into formations of enemy cav units and tearing them apart. They are also good at raiding economic drop sites due to their extra speed and bonus damage to buildings.
Zeus' infantry cause doble damage to all buildings, which makes them excellent at siege without the need for large amounts of siege weaponry. Because of the damage bonus from infantry, and the fact that the Myrmydon does bonus damage to Norse and Egyptian units, they make an excellent army with little support needed.


Poseidon is one of Zeus' older brothers, swallowed at birth by Kronos. Being immortal, he was undigested. Poseidon is usually closely associated with the sea, but he was also the Lord of Horses. He and Athene were competing for the favor of the city of Athens. Poseidon gave the city a salt water well as his attempt, but lost to Athene who gave the olive tree.

Civilization Bonuses
  • When a dock is built, a free Hippocampus is spawned. If killed, it respawns at the dock. The Hippocampus is a free naval scout unit with no attack.
  • Militia appear at destroyed buildings nor do they cost you anything (except the destroyed building!). They are relatively weak, but can help if the enemy forces were weakened during their assault. The larger a building destroyed, the more militia that appear.
  • The market is cheaper to use. All transactions are 10% less than other civilizations. This is not applicable to training caravans or researching technologies.
  • Cavalry is cheaper. All cavalry units are 10% cheaper.
  • Stables are cheaper. Stables cost 50% less than other Greek stables.
  • Poseidon allows an extra hero unit in the Argo. This allows him to field five hero units at a time. The Argo

is built at the dock.

  • Prodromos, a powerful cavalry unit, unique to Poseidon.
God Power

Lure. Lure causes animals to slowly come towards the stone that is the symbol of the power. It lures a set amount of food before fading away. There is a small problem though, in that not only does it lure herdables and huntables, it also lures predators that will attack and eat your villagers.

Unique Technology

Lord of Horses. Your cavalry units will gain a much larger line of sight, making them ideal for scouting or raiding the enemies economic bases.

Minor God Choices
  • Classical Age: Ares or Hermes.
  • Heroic Age: Aphrodite or Dionysus.
  • Mythic Age: Artemis or Hephaestus.
Tips for Playing

Because of the bonuses gained by worshiping Poseidon, his cavalry are very strong and make a good back bone to your army. It is best to follow the god path through Hermes and Dionysus to get all the benefits.

The cheaper market use allows you to build more donkey caravans for the same money as another player. This can allow you to gain more gold quicker in the late game when gold mines can become scarce or dangerous. The Hippocampus allows you to keep an eye on your enemies fishing operations for a quick raid, as well as allow you to see what naval forces are being built.

Since Lure can bring dangerous animals to your villagers, cast it close to your first TC so that it can fire arrows at wolves and the like. Cast it early as well so that the animals aren't cleared from the map before you can benefit from its power.


Hades is brother to Zeus and Poseidon. He was the God of the Dead and ruler of the Underworld. Since all precious minerals and metals came from the realm of Hades, he is also considered lord of Wealth. This is reflected in his Vault of Erebus improvement. Shades were the denezins of the Underworld and as such Hades commands them in battle. Hades gains excellent archers.

Civilization Bonuses

Shades. 20% of all unit loses (only human units!) will return to fight again as Shades. They appear at your temple and are not as strong as during life, but they are free. Stronger buildings. Hades buildings have more hit points (25% higher) and are therefore harder to destroy. Stronger archer and building attack. Buildings gain about 20% extra pierce attack and archers gain about 10%.

God Power

Sentinel. Invoking Sentinel creates up to 4 (depends on building placement) 'living' statues that defend one town center. It can be cast on an allies TC as well. Any improvement that makes a building stronger affects Sentinels.

Unique Technology

Vault of Erebus. Researching the Vault of Erebus gives the benefit of a trickle of gold constantly. It's not a huge amount at a time (about .3 gold per second or 1 gold every 3 seconds), but it is free gold once it is researched.

Minor God Paths

Classical Age--Ares, Athena
Heroic Age--Aphrodite, Apollo
Mythic Age--Artemis, Hephaestus

Tips for playing

Once engaged in battle, periodically check your temple for any Shades that can be sent back into battle. Hades is best played as a defensive civilization due to his many building improvements. Go into battle only when you have created a large army capable of defeating the enemy easily.
Because Hades gains so many archer bonuses, consider using them as the backbone to your army. Follow Ares and Apollo to gain more benefits.
Keep the Sentinel GP until you or your ally start expanding. Drop it on a TC you consider important to your war effort. If you try to place it, and you are shown one or more red statues, consider deleting the building(s) that are in the way, then casting the GP. That way, all 4 will appear. Remember to upgrade them by researching any improvements to buildings (sight line, attack, etc.).
Although the Vault of Erebus won't make you rich, it will give you access to slightly more gold than a player with the same amount of gold miners and improvements. This will allow you to build more Toxotes and other archer units.

Minor Gods[edit]

Classical Age[edit]


Age of Mythology God Ares.jpg

Greek God of battle and slaughter. He benefits human soldiers attacks.

God Power

Pestilence. When cast on an enemy town, prevents the enemy from creating new military units. Any building under a greenish 'fog' or cloud is affected. It may or may not stop an enemy from building ANY units, depending on where the troop buildings have been located.

Myth Unit

Cyclops. Giants with 1 central eye. Recharging special attack flings enemy units away. This gives you more time to deal with them and causes large amounts of damage. They are slow moving and should be supported with human soldiers to deal with enemy heroes.

Unique Tech[edit]

WILL OF KRONOS. Cyclops are upgraded to Elder Cyclops which train faster and cause more damage.
PHOBOS' SPEAR OF PANIC. Attack damage of Hoplites improved.
DEIMOS' SWORD OF DREAD. Hypaspists gain improve attack damage. Since you can't train Hypaspists until the Heroic age, save your resources and do not research this until you have built some of these units.
ENYO'S BOW OF HORROR. Toxotes gain increased attack damage.


Age of Mythology God Athena.jpg

Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. Infantry defence benefits from her improvements.

God Power

Restoration. A short lasting (4-5 seconds) power that heals your units and buildings. It also can affect allies in its area. Monitor your units or buildings carefully so that you can cast this when needed most. It is best used when you need to boost your army to puch the enemy out of your town (you are winning the battle) and enter their base or to extend the life of your units in the enemy town to finish off things like TCs and fortress type buildings.

Myth Unit

Minotaur. This half man, half bull creature gets a recharging gore attack that will instantly kill human units.

Unique Tech

LABYRINTH OF MINOS. Upgrades Minotaurs to Bull Minotaurs which are cheaper and are stronger (more hit points).

SARISSA. Hoplite hack armor increased making them more resistant to infantry and cavalry.

AEGIS SHIELD. All infantry pierce armor increased, improving resistance to archers.


Age of Mythology God Hermes.jpg

The God of Messengers whom improves your cavalry.

God Power

Ceasefire. All combat all across the map stops for the length of the power. Doves circle all the TCs on the map to show the peace that has erupted. It can gain the player time to reinforce their army or stop an enemy from finishing off a building, giving you time to repair it. A side effect of this power is that any building that can attack aside from a TC stops at its current building level until the power is over. It is humorous to watch Norse infantry pounding the nails into a Hill Fort in your town to no effect!

Myth Unit

Centaur. A Horses body supporting a human torso. A very strong archer unit whos special attack is a super accurate shot that always hits its target. This unit is quick and makes a great raider for hit and run tactics on enemy gathering points.

Unique Tech

SYLVAN LORE. Centaurs become Centaur Polemarchs, with improved speed and hit points. An awesome raiding unit.

SPIRITED CHARGE. Speed and attack damage of Greek Cavalry improved.

WINGED MESSENGER. Food cost of Pegasus unit reduced to 0 (costing only 2 favor now)! Additionally, they train faster and have a longer line of sight.

Heroic Age[edit]


The God of the Sun and Music. Archers benefit from Apollos improvements.

God Power

Underworld Passage. Two lines of sight must exist. One where you would like the entrance (your base) and the other at the exit (generally the enemies base, best if just outside of it). This allows you to move all you troops into the one end, and they appear at the other end. This can create a very quick end to the game. To end this GP, one end or the other must be destroyed.

Myth Unit

Manticore. The body of a lion, human face and scorpions tail create a fearsome foe. Manticore shoot multiple poisonous barbs from its tail. Very effective versus human units and gets a bonus versus myth units.

Unique Tech

ORACLE. All units and buildings gain a larger line of sight. Your scouts become much better and your units and buildings will see the enemy sooner so you can change their battle lines of prep them for battle.

TEMPLE OF HEALING. The Greek temple becomes a healing point that can also heal your allied units. Stationary units heal faster than moving units or those involved in combat. The temple can only heal one unit at a time unlike the Norse Healing Spring.

SUN RAY. Improves the attack damage of a large number of units. Toxotes, Peltasts, Gastrophetes, Manticores and Centaurs all gain from this technology.


Goddess of Love & Beauty. Her improvements benefit villagers.

God Power

Curse. Enemy units will be turned to pigs (which can further be turned into food for your forces!). It affects a small area, and will not affect all units in the area.

Myth Unit

Nemean Lion. The lion slain by Heracles has the ability to roar causing damage to all enemy units in the immediate area.

Unique Tech

ROAR OF ORTHUS. Armor of your Nemean Lions is improved (all armor types).

GOLDEN APPLES. Villagers generate favor faster. This may allow you to remove one worshipper and place them on a resource you need (food or gold for example).

DIVINE BLOOD. Villagers gain speed while moving (gather faster), build faster and carry more resources. This allows you to get an economic boost when needed to create larger armies.


God of Wine and Celebration. Cavalry and Navy benefit most from his improvements.

God Power

Bronze. For a short time, all your units within the area of effect are turned to bronze. This allows them to continue moving and fighting while gaining all kinds of armor boosts. It will affect allied units if they are in the area of effect when triggered. Units become almost impervious to attacks while Bronze is on.

Myth Unit

Hydra. This beast starts with 1 head, but gains more (up to 5 I believe) with success in battle. Each head improves the overall attack of the beast. Also with more heads, it can attack adjacent units.

Scylla. A naval version of the Hydra. It also gains additional heads through battle.

Unique Tech

BACCHANALIA. All units (yes all) gain extra hit points with this tech. When your population is maxed out this tech could provide the small boost you need to defeat the last enemy units on the map.

THRACIAN HORSES. All cavalry benefit from this. Hit points increase.
ANASTROPHE. Pentekonter get extra attack damage, speed and also train faster.

Mythic Age[edit]


Goddess of Hunt and of Nature. Her improvements benefit your archers and naval units.

God Power

Earthquake. When triggered, Earthquake will rumble through an enemy town and destroy many buildings and heavily damage many others. It also affects enemy units, although it mostly knocks them to the ground with only a little damage. It does NOT affect farms.

Myth Unit

Chimera. One of the offspring of Echinda and Typhon, it was a beast with a goats body, lions head and snakes tail. It can breathe fire and affects multiple enemy units at once.

Unique Tech

FLAMES OF TYPHON. Chimera are upgraded to Tyrants with improved attack (both normal and the special flame attack) as well as more hit points.

SHAFTS OF PLAGUE. Toxotes, Peltasts and Gastrophetes gain increased attack damage.

TRIEARCH. Triremes get more hit points making them more resistant to enemy siege ships.


God of the Forge and Labor. Human soldiers and weapons benefit from his improvements.

God Power

Plenty. When cast a large vault appears (make sure to protect it) and provides a constant flow of food, wood and gold. If an enemy gets more troops near it then you, it goes to his control and he gains the resources. The resources come in at roughly the rate of 2 gatherers. I will have to double check this rate though...

Myth Unit

Colossus. Perhaps the strongest (in terms of hit points) unit in the game, the Colossus is a construct resembling the Colossus of Rhodes. It is very strong against buildings and can lat for a long while against units. It's special 'attack' allows it to eat trees and gold mines to regain lost hit points.

Unique Tech

HAND OF TALOS. Colossi are upgraded to Silver Colossi giving them more hit points.

SHOULDER OF TALOS. Silver Colossi are once again recast into Gold Colossi giving them more hit points again.

FORGE OF OLYMPUS. All armory upgrades cheaper. Try holding off researching armory techs until you have gained the benefit of this tech to save resources. Make up for the slightly weaker units by building more of them.

WEAPON OF THE TITANS. All unique Fortress units as well as the Myrmidon, Hetairoi and Gastraphetes gain increased attack damage.


Wife of Zeus, Goddess of the Home. She benefits buildings and myth units.

God Power

Lightning Storm. Similar to Zeus' Bolt, but lasts longer, and affects an area as opposed to one unit. Lightning strikes will hit randomly in the area it was cast, hitting many enemy units and causing them large amounts of damage or death. It can be escaped from as the power doesn't move. It also can cause light damage to buildings.

Myth Unit

Medusa. One of the Gorgon sisters with live snakes for hair, tusks, golden hands and bronze wings. Her gaze will turn enemy units to stone (recharging). She also carries a bow and arrows and is a decent ranged attacker. This unit is perhaps the strongest of all units in the game when supported properly.

Carcinos. A large crab summoned by Hera to kill Heracles while he was battling the Hydra. He defeated both, but for it's efforts, Hera placed it in the stars. It is a naval unit decent against enemy ships. When killed the Carcinos releases large amounts of boiling blood that can damage enemy units.

Unique Tech

FACE OF THE GORGON. Medusas upgraded to Matriarchs with increased hit points.
ATHENIAN WALL. Buildings gain more hit points and can be very useful in late game when expanding.
MONSTROUS RAGE. All your myth units gain increased attack damage for any attack type (hack, pierce and crush).