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Major Gods' God Power[edit]

Odin:- Odin's god power is Great Hunt. It will cause the targeted group of animals to multiply a little.

Thor:- Thor's god power is Dwarven Mine. On casting on a specific area, a mine will grow. The amount of gold in the mine increases as one advances through the ages.

Loki:- Loki's god power is Spy. Casting it on an enemy unit will give you the Line of Sight (LoS) of the unit until it's killed.

Minor Gods' God Power[edit]

Freyja:- Freyja's god power is Forest Fire. When casted on a tree, it will begin to burn, and all the units or buildings nearby will take damage. The fire can spread over other trees nearby in a limited radius, before collapsing the trees.

Forseti:- Forseti's god power is Healing Spring. When cast on an area, a spring comes up, which will heal all friendly units nearby. It's downside is that enemies can take control of the spring.

Heimdall:- Heimdall's god power is Undermine. Cast on a wall, tower, fortress or town-centre, it deals a lot of damage to them.

Skadi:- Skadi's god power is Frost. It freezes the enemy units its cast on for one minute, but gives them 99% armor.

Bragi:- Bragi's god power is Flaming weapons. It increases the attack of all friendly units on the map by 50% for one minute.

Njord:- Njord's god power is Walking trees. It transforms several trees into walking trees that will attack any enemy units or buildings they see. You have no control over the trees, but share their line of sight. The trees remain until killed.

Baldr:- Baldr's god power is Ragnarok. On casting it, all your villagers (gatherers/dwarves) are converted into Heroes of Ragnarok. They are similar to Hersirs.

Tyr:- Tyr's god power is Fimbulwinter. When cast, four packs of Fimbulwinter Wolves are summoned to attack enemy towns. You have no control over the wolves. The god power lasts 20 seconds. The wolves die after the god power is over. No other god power can be invoked when this god power is in effect.

Hel:- Hel's god power is Nidhogg. It summons a dragon named Nidhogg. The dragon is a powerful myth unit, which deals a lot of dame to buildings, but is helpless against archers.