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Regular units[edit]


  • Type: Infantry

Ulfsarks are the basic Norse infantry unit. They have a higher attack than comparable Greek and Egyptian units and are good against cavalry units and can also build buildings.

Throwing Axeman[edit]

  • Type: Ranged Infantry

Throwing Axemen are the Norse infantry counter. They are ranged and very powerful against enemy infantry, but not much else.


  • Type: Cavalry

Raiders are the basic Norse cavalry unit. They are weak, but only take two population slots. Raiders are good against Archers and Throwing Axemen.


  • Type: Infantry

Huskarls are elite infantry with high pierce armour and a large attack bonus against archers. They are the ideal Norse counter to enemy archers.


  • Type: Cavalry

Jarls are Elite cavalry units - they are very tough, but expensive and slow. Like other cavalry units, they are good against Archers, but the Jarl in particular also has bonus damage to myth units

Portable Ram[edit]

  • Type: Siege unit

Portable Rams are the generic Norse siege weapon. While they have to get close to buildings to attack, they have a large amount of pierce armour to withstand enemy fire, and are more affordable than Greek and Egyptian siege weapons.


  • Type: Siege unit

Ballistae are not as good as Portable Rams at taking down buildings - but instead they are also fairly good against units, as well as having the advantage of long range.

Ox Cart[edit]

  • Type: Economic unit

The Norse, unlike the Greeks and Egyptians, do not construct resource drop off points. Instead they train ox carts at the town center. Ox Carts allow villagers to drop food, wood and gold in order to add them to your stockpile.



  • Type: Warship

The Longboat is the Norse arrow type ship, and the most basic Norse naval unit. It counters ramming ships.


  • Type: Warship

The Drakkar is the Norse ramming type ship, and counters siege ships. Ramming ships are also good against naval myth units.

Dragon Boat[edit]

  • Type: Warship

The Dragon Boat is the Norse siege type ship. It not only counters arrow ships but is also effective at taking out shoreline fortifications due to its long range and high attack.

Special units[edit]


  • Type: Infantry and Hero

Hersir are the Norse hero units. They are not very tough against anything but myth units, but unlike other heroes are easy to mass produce. Hersir slowly generate favor on their own, and generate twice as much favor from combat than regular units.

Hero of Ragnarok[edit]

  • Type: Hero

The Ragnorok god power causes all controlled villagers and dwarves to become heroes. In Norse Mythology, Ragnarök refers to the prophecised battle in which the world will be destroyed.

Myth units[edit]


  • Type: Air unit

Ravens are scouted units granted to players who worship Odin. Historically, Hugin and Munin were two ravens who would travel the world bearing news and information to Odin.


  • Type: Melee

Valkyries are weak soldiers also capable of healing allied troops. According to Norse mythology, Valkyries were war-maidens who escorted the dead to Valhalla.


  • Type: Melee

The Einherjar is a melee myth unit that is capable of raising allied units morale by blowing on a large horn. In Norse mythology, Einherjar were spirits of warriors who had died in battle.


  • Type: Ranged

Trolls are long ranged units capable of throwing large stones at the enemy. Trolls regain health as they deal damage. In Scandinavian folklore, trolls were a race of giants, sometimes represented as goblins.

Frost Giant[edit]

  • Type: Melee

Frost Giants are giants capable of freezing enemy units with their breath. Historically, the Jotun were a mythological race with superhuman strength in Scandinavia.

Mountain Giant[edit]

  • Type: Melee (siege)

Mountain Giants are giants which attack enemy units with a large club.

Fire Giant[edit]

  • Type: Ranged

Fire Giants are powerful ranged attackers, hurling fireballs at enemy units from long range. They are the best Norse myth unit to destroy buildings.

Battle Boar[edit]

  • Type: Melee (also siege)

The Battle Boar is a fast unit capable of attacking units all around it.

Fenris Wolf[edit]

  • Type: Melee

Fenris Wolves are wolves that are more powerful against enemies when fighting in packs. Mythologically, Fenrir was a giant wolf, spawned by Loki and the giantess Angrboða. During Ragnarök, he is destined to consume Odin and be slain by Odin's son Viðarr.


  • Type: Naval

The Kraken is a mythological beast capable of instantly killing an enemy unit. Recently, the Giant Squid has been proposed as a potential cause of the Kraken myth.

Jormund Elver[edit]

  • Type: Naval

The Jormund Elver is a fast beast with a long ranged spitting attack. Mythologically, Jörmungandr (the World Serpent) was the middle child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða. The serpent was large enough to surround Midgard; and in Ragnarök, is destined to be slain by Thor, who himself dies - poisoned by the creature's venom.


  • Type: Air unit (Ranged)

Summoned by Hel's god power, the Nidhogg is a Norse myth unit. Mythically named Níðhöggr, the Nidhogg was a serpent monster in Norse mythology responsible for eating away the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.