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Regular units[edit]


  • Type: Infantry

The Murmillo is a general infantry unit. During the Roman Imperial age, the Murmillo was a strong class of gladiator.


  • Type: Infantry (against cavalry)

The Katapeltes is an infantry unit only effective against cavalry, with a larger bonus against them than other infantry.


  • Type: Cavalry ranged

The Turma is a cavalry archer only effective against other archers. It is very much like the Egyptian slinger, though far more mobile.


  • Type: Archer

The Arcus is a cheap archer unit with large range.


  • Type: Heavy Cavalry

Contarius are heavy cavalry units. They are particularly effective against archers and ranged units.


  • Type: Siege infantry

The destroyer is an infantry unit with a bonus against buildings; it is also effective against archers.


  • Type: Melee

The Fanatic is an infantry counter-infantry unit, and is quite susceptible to archer fire.


  • Type: siege unit, anti-infantry

The Chieroballista is a siege unit which can work excellent against buildings and infantry. Similar to the Norse Ballista, it is more of a 'anti-personnel' weapon than a siege engine.

Fire Siphon[edit]

  • Type: Siege unit

The Fire Siphon is a siege unit which attacks using streams of fire.



  • Type: Warship

The Bireme is an arrow ship, effective against ramming ships.

Fire Ship[edit]

  • Type: Warship

This ship takes the place of the ram ship in the Atlantean fleet. Like that of its RoR and AoK counterparts, this ship will have to close in on its victim to let loose its stream of fire to destroy it.

Siege Bireme[edit]

  • Type: Siege warship

The Siege Bireme is the Atlantean's siege ship, also countering arrow ships.

Special units[edit]


  • Type: Scout

The Oracle is the Atlantean scout. However, it does not work like a normal scout does. While moving, the Oracle has almost no line of sight. However, as it stands still, its line of sight increases until it reaches a stage with a very large radius.


  • Type: Myth unit

Upon using the Carnivora God Power, the Carnivora plant appears. It can be placed on both land and water, and has the special ability to eat any human or ship - instantly killing them.


  • Type: Myth unit

The Dryad is a unit created at the Hesperides tree. They are strong against human soldiers, cost no population; however only five may be used at one time.

Tartarian Spawn[edit]

  • Type: Myth unit

Tartarian Spawn are a strong, devastating gang of wolves that emerge from the Tartarian Gate god power and re-spawn once killed. Tartarian Spawn are effective against a wide range of mortal units, buildings and myth units. They will cease re-spawning upon the destruction of the Tartarian Gate.

Atlantean Titan[edit]

  • Type: Titan

The titan depicted in Age of Mythology for the Atlanteans is Chthonian. It has large gems on its back, and is made out of lava.

Myth units[edit]


  • Type: Melee

The Promethean is a melee myth unit. When killed it splits into two smaller and weaker units.


  • Type: Melee

The Automaton is a fast melee myth unit, strong against both buildings and units. Automatons are able to repair themselves and each other if harmed.


  • Type: Scout/healing unit

The Caladria is a flying unit that has the ability to heal allied units. Caladria have no attack.


  • Type: Siege unit

Behemoth are siege myth units. They have the ability to heal themselves if injured.


  • Type: Ranged

Satyr are slow ranged myth units that hurl multiple spears in their special attack.

Stymphalian Bird[edit]

  • Type: Air unit (Ranged)

The Stymphalian Bird is a flying unit which has a ranged attack.

Heka Gigantes[edit]

  • Type: Melee

Hekagigantes are multi-armed myth units which an advantage against buildings and infantry units. Their special attack is to smash the ground, causing minor earthquakes and causing enemy units to go flying in a large radius.


  • Type: Melee

Argus are melee myth units strong against most units. Their special attack is to spit acid on other units, instantly killing them.


  • Type: Ranged

Lampades are ranged myth units. Their special attack mirrors the Chaos god power, causing units to become neutral and attack any nearby unit.

Servant of Oceanus[edit]

  • Type: Naval

Servants are naval myth units with the ability to heal allied units.


  • Type: Naval

The Nereid is a naval myth unit especially effective against other myth units. Its special attack is to bite the enemy, causing extra damage.

Man O'War[edit]

  • Type: |Naval

The Man O'War is a naval myth unit with a chain-lightning attack. Its name comes from the Portuguese Man of War, and it resembles a jellyfish.