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Mechanic's armors[edit]

The number between brackets represents the skill level necessary to make the armor.

  • (M1) Beast-hide armor
  • (M2) Darkenbat armor
  • (M3) Scorpion shield
  • (M4) Scorpion scale
  • (M5) Hellhound armor

Items that improve skills[edit]

Skill Item Location Notes
Basic class skills
Warrior +2 Helm of tempests After Erromon Casts "Lightning", resists Air +50
Warrior +2 Warfang sword After Erromon Inflicts "Tap Stamina", casts "Darkness", MP +15
Warrior +3 Lodin's sword Ugarit Solar aspect, casts "Whitefire", resists Necromancy +50
Wizard +1 Wizard hat Erromon MP +15
Wizard +2 Witch ring After Terminor -
Wizard +3 Magedrake ring After Ugarit MP +25
Stealth skill
Stealth +5 Cloth armor Gwernia -
Stealth +20 Darkenbat hide Made using Mechanic skill lv.2 -
Stealth +5 Enchanted hide Dropped by some enemies -
Stealth +10 Dragon leather Dropped by some enemies[1] -
Stealth +10 Moon shield Equipped on Dougal (from Terminor) Lunar aspect, resists Lunar +50
Stealth +3 Stealthblade sword Buy in Port Saiid Casts "Darkness", resists Lunar +50
Stealth +3 Phantom cloak Ugarit[2] -
Stealth +15 Jundar leather Ugarit -
Stealth +3 Nightdrake mantle After Ugarit Casts "Darkness"
Other skills
Troubadour +2 Bardic gloves Erromon -
Troubadour +3 Harp of Igone Terminor -
Troubadour +6 Horn of Kynon towards Ugarit -
Healer +2 Gloves of healing Erromon Casts "Endurance"
Thief +2 Rope towards Erromon -
Mechanic +2 Tinker's gloves Port Saiid -
Ranger +2 Woodsman's boots Buy in: Erromon, Talewok, Ugarit -
Diplomat +2 Helm of Charisma after Terminor Casts "Charming"
Alchemist - - -
Merchant - - -
Loremaster - - -
  1. It can also be purchased in Erromon, and it is starting equipment of some characters.
  2. It can also be purchased in many shops, but this is the only location where it is free.