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Gwernia Castle[edit]

The castle[edit]

Explore the castle to find a few items. You can also look for the trainer's sword: this is a side quest that is only available at this stage of the game.

When you're done, go to the throne room and the King will set you on a mission to the Mirari land of Erromon.

Forming a party[edit]

Now you have to form your first party. Brenna joins anyway, therefore you should choose two out of three characters.

  • Brenna the thief: she is proficient in the skills of Thief (Lv.3) and Stealth (Lv.3).
  1. Abrecan the warrior: a strong fighter, proficient in the skills of Warrior (Lv.4) and Sword (Lv.4).
  2. Rheda the wizard: a Naming Wizard (Lv.4), also proficient with Swords (Lv.3) and Poles (Lv.3), plus some Merchant (Lv.1).
  3. Godric the wizard: a Elemental Wizard (Lv.2) skilled in Alchemy (Lv.3) and Mechanics (Lv.2) that can be useful to make potions and armors.

Choosing Abrecan and Godric makes the game somehow easier, because Godric can make several types of healing potions as a support to the Healing taught by Oriana in Oisin forest.

If the player would like to use more different effects, Abrecan and Rheda can be chosen. Indeed, Brenna will be able to learn Elemental spells like Godric and has a low level of Mechanic skills, too; moreover, Rheda is the only character with some Merchant skill.

If you're looking for a challenge, choose Rheda and Godric and face the perils of Aidyn without the strength and endurance of Abrecan.

Skill Alaron Brenna Abrecan Godric Rheda
Magic school All! Elements - Elements Naming
Mental skills
Troubadour 1 - - - -
Wizard 1 - - 2 4
Stealth 1 3 1 - -
Thief - 3 - - -
Mechanic - 1 - 2 -
Alchemist - - - 3 -
Loremaster - - - 2 1
Merchant - - - - 1
Physical skills
Warrior 3 - 4 - -
Sword 3 1 4 1 3
Shield 3 - 2 - -
Thrown - 2 2 1 -
Pole - - - - 3
Hafted 1 - - - -
Missile 1 - - - -


Gwernia town, Gwernia country, Yorwood ruins, Oisin forest...

In Gwernia town you can talk to the innkeeper for a little side-quest.

Explore the hills behind the Gwernian fields, collect anything you didn't get yet, use Brenna's (or Godric's) Mechanic ability to turn some beast hides into armor, visit Oriana.

The Dark Forest[edit]