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Four characters cannot learn any spell or alchemy: Abrecan, Becan, Arturo, Baird. Farris cannot learn any spell, either.

Wizards' magic[edit]

Alaron can learn any spell from any of the four schools. Any other character can only learn spells from one school. Every character with the Wizard skill can learn the neutral spells.

There are no Magic Points (MP) in Aidyn Chronicles. Instead, total Health Points (HP) are the sum of Endurance, Stamina and Level; stamina-HP and level-HP replace MP.

A character loses HP when he/she suffers damage, but also he/she loses Stamina-HP whenever he/she casts a spell or uses a skill. When all the stamina is used up, the character cannot use magic and skills anymore.

The number between brackets represents the minimum Wizard rank necessary to cast the spell. A character with a Wizard skill equal or greater than 8 can cast any spell in his School.

Spell types:

  • Support spells: spells that target the caster or the allies;
  • Debuff spells: spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack spells: spells that deal damage to the enemies.
School Support Debuff Attack Characters
(neutral) 5 4 - (any)
Elemental 4 2 5 Godric, Brenna, Keelin, Niesen, Dougal
Naming 3 5 1 Rheda, Donovan
Star 4 3 3 Sholeh
Necromancy 5 5 3 (Alaron only)

Neutral spell list[edit]

Every spellcasting character can learn these.

Lv. Neutral Spells HP Reagents Asp. Type/target Effect Location
1 Vs-Necromancy 3 Herb - Support one Increases resistance to Necromancy Talewok;
(Alaron-10, Rheda-1, Niesen-10)
1 Vs-Elemental 5 Gemstone - Support one Increases resistance to Elemental Erromon, Talewok, Ugarit;
(Alaron-10, Keelin-2)
1 Vs-Naming 5 Spice - Support one Increases resistance to Naming Talewok;
1 Vs-Star 5 Gemstone - Support one Increases resistance to Star Talewok, Terminor;
(Alaron-10, Niesen-8, Donovan-7)
1 Dispel Elemental 7 Herb - Debuff one Dispels an Elemental spell Erromon, Ugarit
2 Dispel Necromancy 6 Gemstone - Debuff one Dispels a Necromancy spell -- (Niesen-10)
2 Dispel Naming 6 Spice - Debuff one Dispels a Naming spell -- (Sholeh-8)
2 Dispel Star 6 Herb - Debuff one Dispels a Star spell -- (Sholeh-8)
6 Mirror 10 Gemstone - Support one Reflects spells cast on target Talewok;
Spellbreaker axe, Reflection Belt;
(Niesen-8, Dougal-9)

Elemental school[edit]

Elemental mages: Brenna, Godric, Keelin, Niesen, Dougal

Lv. Elemental Spells HP Reagents Asp. Type/target Effect Location
1 Air Shield 6 Spice S Support many Increases armor Oriana's, Erromon;
Bow of Shielding;
1 Strength 7 Herb S Support one Increases strength Oriana's, Erromon;
2 Neutralize Poison 4 Herb S Support one Cures poison Erromon;
2 Debilitation 6 Herb S Debuff one Decreases strength Dryad Forest;
2 Dragon Flames 10 Spice S Attack many Direct attack Talewok;
Firedrake fang, Breklor's firestaff;
3 Lightning 3 Gemstone L Attack one Direct attack Talewok, Dryad Forest;
Lightning wand, mace of Glory, helm of Tempests, Stormdrake claws, bow of Thunder
4 Wind 7 Herb S Attack one/Debuff all Attacks & dispels fog Erromon, Talewok, Dryad Forest;
4 Immolation 8 Spice S Attack one Continuous damage Talewok, Terminor;
Immolation wand
4 Control Elemental 10 Spice S Debuff one Controls one Elemental Terminor
5 Fireball 15 Gemstone S Attack one Direct attack Erromon;
Fireball wand;
(Niesen-8, Dougal-6)
6 Earth Smite 10 Gemstone S Attack one Direct attack Talewok

Naming school[edit]

Naming mages: Rheda, Donovan

Lv. Naming Spells HP Reagents Asp. Type/target Effect Location
2 Brilliance 6 Gemstone L Support one Increases intelligence Talewok, Port Saiid
2 Endurance 6 Spice S Support one Increases endurance Talewok, Port Saiid;
gloves of Healing
2 Stupidity 6 Herb L Debuff one Decreases intelligence Talewok, Port Saiid;
Jester's mace
2 Weakness 6 Herb L Debuff one Decreases endurance Talewok;
3 Charming 6 Gemstone S Debuff one Controls enemy Charming wand, helm of Charisma
3 Sense Aura 7 Herb L Debuff one Reveals attributes of enemy -- (Rheda-1, Donovan-7);
2 Sense wands, Gems of sensing, Moon Gem
3 Control Marquis 10 Gemstone L Debuff one Controls a Marquis[1] Marquis' amulet
4 Banishing 15 Gemstone - Attack one Instantly defeats an Elemental -- (Donovan-7);
Banishing wand
8 Teleportation 10 Gemstone - Support one Caster moves to anywhere in arena Talewok;
belt of Teleport
  1. There are just 2 Marquis monsters in the game; the first one allows to learn the spell, that can only be used on the second one.

Star school[edit]

Star mages: Sholeh

Lv. Star Spells HP Reagents Asp. Type/target Effect Location
2 Light 5 Spice S Debuff/Support all Changes arena to daytime Light wand, mace of Glory
2 Stellar Gravity 6 Spice L Debuff one Decreases movement Ugarit;
staff of Lugash
2 Clumsiness 6 Spice L Debuff one Decreases dexterity -- (monsters only)
2 Dexterity 7 Herb - Support one Increases dexterity -- (scrolls only)
3 Photosynthesis 8 Herb S Support one Restores stamina ring of Healing
3 Shield of Starlight 8 Gemstone S Support many Increases armor Starlight Shield wand
3 Web of Starlight 10 Gemstone L Attack one Continuous damage Ugarit;
staff of Lugash
4 Solar Wrath 5 Gemstone S Debuff many Lunar enemies flee -- (Sholeh-8)
6 Frozen Doom 10 Herb L Attack/Debuff one Paralyzes and damages Ugarit;
Frozen Doom wand, ice stiletto
6 Whitefire 15 Spice S Attack one Direct attack Whitefire wand, Lodin's sword

Necromancy school[edit]

Alaron is the only character who can learn Necromancy spells. These spells are all used through scrolls, wands and other items. There are scrolls for almost every Necromancy spell, except for the following three: Tap Stamina, Crushing Death, Wraith Touch.

Lv. Necromancy Spells HP Reagents Asp. Type/target Effect Location
2 Darkness 6 Gemstone L Debuff/Support all Changes arena to nighttime Warfang sword, Stealthblade sword, Nightdrake mantle
2 Stamina 6 Gemstone S Support one Increases stamina -- (scrolls only)
2 Exhaustion 6 Gemstone L Debuff one Decreases stamina -- (scrolls only)
3 Tap Stamina 5 Spice L Debuff one Drains stamina Tap Stamina wand, Warfang sword
3 Spirit Shield 6 Herb L Support many Increases armor -- (Alaron-10);
Stardrake aegis
3 Control Zombie 10 Herb L Debuff one Controls one zombie -- (scrolls only)
4 Haste 5 Spice - Support many Increases movement -- (scrolls only)
4 Aura of Death 5 Spice L Debuff many Solar enemies flee Elisheva's scythe
4 Acid Bolt 8 Spice L Attack one Continuous damage Acid wand
5 Wall of Bones 15 Herb L Debuff one Paralyzes enemy Bone Wall wand
6 Cheat Death 10 Gemstone S Support one Alive target will resurrect once Cheat Death wand, belt of Life
7 Crushing Death 15 Spice - Attack one Direct attack Crushing Death wand, Heart of Elisheva
8 Wraith Touch 2 Gemstone L Debuff one Drains one random attribute -- (monsters only)

Alchemist's potions[edit]

Alchemists: Godric, Niesen, Dougal, Farris. The first three are Elemental mages, Farris is a Naming mage.

Where to learn and train the Alchemist spell:

  • Gwernia: lv.1 (Godric starts at lv.3)
  • Talewok: lv.8
  • Terminor: lv.10 (Niesen starts at lv.7, Dougal starts at lv.5)
  • Shamsuk's tower: (Farris starts at lv.10)
  • Ugarit: lv.10


  • Field: potions that can be used outside combat
  • Support: potions that target allies during combat
  • Debuff: potions that target enemies and have special effects
  • Attack: potions that simply damage enemies
Alchemy potion Lv. Reagents Type Effect
Healing potion 1 3: 3 herbs Field/Support Restores HP
Fire flask 1 3: 1 spice, 2 gemstones Attack Direct attack
Defense potion 2 2: 2 gemstones Support Increases armor
Strength potion 2 4: 2 herbs, 2 gemstones Support Increases strength
Dexterity potion 2 4: 2 herbs, 2 spices Support Increases dexterity
Charisma potion 2 4: 1 herb, 2 spices, 1 Gemstone Field Increases Diplomat skill
Stealth potion 2 5: 3 herbs, 2 spices Field Increases Stealth skill
Clarity potion 3 3: 3 spices Field Increases Loremaster skill
Curing potion 3 5: 3 herbs, 2 spices Field/Support Restores more HP
Antidote potion 3 5: 2 herbs, 3 spices Field/Support Cures poison
Restore potion 3 5: 3 spices, 2 gemstones Field/Support Restores any debuffed attribute
Acid flask 3 5: 2 spices, 3 gemstones Attack Continuous damage
Inferno flask 4 6: 3 spices, 3 gemstones Attack Direct attack
Stamina potion 5 2: 2 herbs Field/Support Restores all stamina
Sleep gas flask 5 6: 3 herbs, 3 spices Debuff Drains stamina

Healer's skills[edit]

Healers: Keelin (1, thief), Baird (4, warrior), Niesen (8, elemental wizard), Sholeh (10, star wizard)

  • Lay on hands
  • Heal with herbs
  • Restore