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  • Note: "Oisin" or is an Irish name, pronounced the same as "ocean"; an alternate spelling is "Ossian", still pronounced as "ocean". It is the name of a legendary hero from Celtic legends.

Oisin forest[edit]

The forest[edit]

This section is going to be very detailed because if you stray out of the path you'll meet the "boss" before collecting all the items. In particular, focus on the following:

  • fight all the four enemies;
  • find the herbs.

Knowing that there are no random enemy encounters and enemies don't respawn, you should first of all try to get as much experience as possible (see next section). There are four enemies in this early part of the game: two Giant Rats and two (groups of ) Giant Bats.

After speaking with the Mirari travellers, take the path on the right, fight the Giant Bat(s) and further on get Kendall's hat. At the fork, turn right for the items in two chests and a bag. Note that items and chests only become visible when you're very near to them. Drop down the cliff, and you're at the start again. Now take the central path, face the Giant Rat, and at the fork turn left to fight the second Giant Rat, find two chest in opposite alcoves, and the last Giant Bat(s). On a ledge near the bat there's some gold.

Now, wherever you go you'll meet two Mirari women. For simplicity, let's assume that you went up the muddy area to your left. After talking to them, pass on the right of the big stone and you'll find an alcove with a chest containing some magic reagents and gold. Leave the alcove and walk right to get a gold bag in front of a wall, then continue to the left. Keep the timber wall on your right and don't walk on the mud, until you get to a pond; beyond it there are some maigc herbs.

Keep walking along the timber wall, or anywhere you like, and you'll soon be ambushed by Goblins.

BOSS: Goblin poisoners[edit]

Item checklist before the boss

Note that the amount of potions or gold in chests and bags is random:

  • 2 chests with potions;
  • Kendall's hat;
  • 3 gold bags;
  • 3 chests with gold;
  • chest with gold and reagents;
  • herbs.

Boss battle: four Goblin poisoners

You cannot win this battle anyway, just let them hit you twice, then enjoy the cutscene.

Oriana's hut[edit]

After the long cutscene, Oriana will give you some training in exchange for Experience points: this is why it was important to fight all the giant rats and bats.

  • Skills: Healer, Stealth, Wizard
  • Weaponskills: Sword, Thrown
  • Spells: Strength, Air shield

Most skills are too expensive now, but you can come back here later. Train Healing, then press the control stick left or right to see the spells: you can buy two levels of Strength and, if you want, one level of Air shield, but feel free to save some experience points. The herbs you found are necessary to use Healing and Strength, that can become more than useful in the next sections.

Healing allows to restore health points (Endurance plus Stamina plus Level) after a combat, while Strength allows you to defeat an enemy faster, before it deals you too much damage.

The trail of lights[edit]

Leave Oriana's hut and follow the light trail until you meet the Mirari women again. If you stray from the path, you'll invariably meet very numerous groups of strong enemies.

The ruins of Yorwood[edit]

The next area is the outskirts of Yorwood. If you leave the path you can fight a Giant Bat and a Giant Rat, and also find some items in the river valley, including a large shield. If you continue to the ruined village, you'll meet a powerful Goblin, but then be free to collect several herbs and spices to heal yourself, plus a ring and a rope. In any case, you can come back later. In order to fight the Goblin now, remember to use the Strength spell.


Gwernia country[edit]

At the end of the light path you are in the countryside of Gwernia. You can meet four groups of Giant Rats, some Giant Bats and find several chests. Instead, if you go up the hills on your right you'll meet powerful monsters, so watch out!

Gwernia town[edit]

In the town of Gwernia there are several shops and items to find.

When you're finished, continue to Gwernia Castle.