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  • Neutral dpad: Use the control pad to direct the Lightspeeder over the surface of each Air Fortress before you access the interior. The Lightspeeder and be flown in eight directions; the four cardinal directions as well as the four diagonals.
  • A button / B button: Press either button to fire the Lightspeeder's gun. You can alternate each button to fire faster, although no more than two bullets may occupy the screen at one time.
  • Start button: Press the start button to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Not used.


  • Neutral dpad: Use the control pad to direct Hal through the interior of the Air Fortress. Press left or right to walk or float in either direction. Press up to activate your jet pack and float upwards. Press up or down to activate elevators or transport tubes.
  • A button: Press the A button to fire Hal's main gun. It is weak, but its ammo is unlimited.
  • B button: Press the B button to fire one of Hal's bombs, provided Hal has a supply of them. It is stronger than the main gun, but they are limited in ammo.
  • Start button: Press the start button to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Not used.


Air Fortress Player Lightspeeder.png

You begin each level by piloting your Lightspeeder over the surface of the Air Fortress in an effort to reach the entrance to the interior. While doing so, you must maneuver around platforms and dodge enemies while you fire back and destroy them. Unlike when you are in the interior, it only takes one hit to damage your Lightspeeder. You begin the game with three Lightspeeders. If you lose all three, the game is over. During the Lightspeeder portion of each level, you will have an opportunity to collect Energy and Bomb items which will greatly aid your efforts in the interior.

Air Fortress Player sprite.png

Once you access the entrance, you will park the Lightspeeder, and head inside without it. In the interior, you must navigate the maze-like fortress with the aid of your jetpack. Using your jetpack is as easy as pushing up on your control pad. Release up to float back down to the floor. You also have two weapons, your main gun and bombs. Bombs are more powerful than your main gun, but they are limited in supply, so use them wisely. Collect B items to increase your bomb supply.

As you move, fly around, and shoot, your energy will drain. However, holding still will allow the energy to build back up to its current maximum level. Getting hit by an enemy or an enemy's projectile however will permanently drain your energy. No matter how long you hold still, you will never regain energy lost in this manner. If you lose all of your energy, the game will end. Collecting any E items will increase your maximum energy by 100 units. Your goal inside is to locate the main energy core, destroy it, and then locate the escape Lightspeeder before the fortress explodes. The escape Lightspeeder will be inaccessible until the core is destroyed.


Exterior and Interior items[edit]

Item Name Description
Air Fortress item energy.png Energy Collecting one of these increases your maximum energy count by 100 units. They are more abundant in the exterior than the interior, and it's a good idea to collect as many as possible in order to enter the fortress with a high amount of energy where it is needed most.
Air Fortress item bombs.png Bombs Collecting this item will increase your bomb supply by 5. Bombs are very powerful weapons, and they are good to use against tough interior opponents. Collect as many as you can before you enter so that you don't have to hunt around for more when you're inside.

Exterior only items[edit]

Item Name Description
Air Fortress item crash.png Crash The Crash item will instantly annihilate every enemy that is present on the screen when it is touched. If possible, save it for when a lot of enemies occupy the screen.
Air Fortress item shield.png Shield The Shield will protect your Lightspeeder with an invincibility force field for a limited period of time. During this time, you can safely crash into any enemy without dying. However, it will not' protect you from any collision with a platform or the terrain.