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Entrance approach[edit]

These enemies fly straight toward you.
  1. You begin facing two waves of slowly retreating spinning enemies, followed by two waves of quickly retreating round enemies.
  2. You will face a new enemy, rotating cubes that travel very quickly to the location you were in when they arrive. Keep moving around.
  3. Collect the three energy and one bomb items before more of the rotating cubes arrive. Do not collect the following two energy items until the coast is clear.
  4. Wave after wave of enemies will appear, starting with lug-wrench shaped enemies, then Enterprise-shaped, then round retreating, followed by spinning retreating.
  5. Collect the four energy items between the platforms while shooting the hatch enemies on the other side.
  6. Two sets of Wave enemies will appear, first in short wave formation, and the next in a longer wave, followed by more hatch enemies and finally spinning retreating enemies before you land in front of the entrance.

Fortress interior[edit]

Air Fortress map stage 3.png

Quick Navigation: Start → Chute A → Chute C → Core → Chute D → Chute B → Lightspeeder

  1. After arriving, it would be a good idea to clear the area out of the six robots. Then head left, remove the next two robots and watch out for the remaining orb which sprays little jets of flame at you. Then climb up to the elevator and ride up.
  2. Carefully remove each enemy as you fly up and around to the left. Proceed to the elevator at the end and take it down.
  3. Clear out the robots as you glide down to the bottom. Watch out for the square cannons and take the elevator at the bottom to the room below.
  4. After you deal with the blue robot and swing around the square cannon, the path branches. Your first goal should be chute A to the left. Along with the two blue robots, you must be on guard for the hopping turret that occupies the corridor. Fly up chute A.
  5. Chute A will deposit you at the top of a green area which you must drop down to the bottom of. Carefully remove all of the robots and take the elevator down.
  6. Destroy the first mini-core to your left, followed by a second mini-core, and take the next elevator down. In the next room, remove the three robots, fly safely over the spikes, and pass through chute C.
  7. When you arrive, remove the robots and fly down to the area below. Destroy the two blue robots, and you may even want to bomb the wall mounted turret to keep it from disturbing you while you attack the core. Once the room is safe, destroy the core, and then fly back up through chute you arrived in, which is now chute D.
  8. Passing through chute D will actually deposit you from the original chute A. Just fly down and return to the branch and head to the right this time to chute B. Since your goal this time is to escape, don't worry too much about the square cannons.
  9. Chute B deposits you in a yellow room with a square cannon and two butterflies. Destroy the butterflies and collect the items if you wish, but don't stall. Head to the elevator in the upper right corner and ride up.
  10. Take out only those robots along the bottom portion of the passage as you head to the right. You will find the escape Lightspeeder waiting for you at the end of the room. (If you happen to reach this room in error too early, you can take chute E which will place you back at chute B.)

Second quest notes[edit]

  • Aside from the expected increase in the number of robots added to the fortress, there aren't a lot of significant changes from the first version of this fortress.
  • A clone will be waiting for you near the entrance.
  • There is a hopping sentry at the bottom of the room in step 5.
  • The butterflies in step 9 are replaced by far deadlier flame orbs.
  • A clone will be waiting for you by the Lightspeeder. Fight it if you have the time and the energy, or ignore it and rush to the Lightspeeder.