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The ship equipped with Double shot and 4 Armor Plates

These are power-ups in the game that could affect your gameplay in different ways, some improve your firepower while some will have a negative effect on you upon receiving them, most of the power-ups will give at least 5 score upon taking them.

  • Weapon grade modifier (Single shot, Double shot, Triple shot, Four shot) - This power-up will either upgrade or downgrade the firepower of your ship, example you have Four shot and you take the Triple shot power-up, your shot will be turned into Triple shot, you will be using 2 shot for some of the missions up until Mission 7, and Mission 5 has a rare chance of dropping the Triple shot upgrade, Four shot becomes available in Mission 8, Triple shot so far is really good if you have good aim as most will be destroyed in just a few shots with this weapon grade, while Four shot is better if you want spread fire or extra coverage.
  • Armor Plate - This power-up increases your Armor Plates, which serves as your hitpoints, they are pretty easy to find but you have to still dodge well.
  • Decrease weapon grade - Decreases the weapon grade of your firepower by 1, say from Four shot to Triple shot, it gives 200 score despite being a negative power-up.
  • No extra weapon (Skull) - Removes your current extra weapon, gives 200 score in exchange.
  • Extra life - Gives out additional lives, a somewhat rare item.
  • Time stop - Slows down all enemies in the level for a while, once this power-up activates you have to immediately take out the most harmful and valuable aliens.
  • Bonus score - Gives free 200 score, you can ignore this power-up if you don't need high scores.
  • Level skip (Warp) - Once you take this power-up it immediately finishes the level, please take note that you can still get hit while your ship is getting out of the said level, one of the most valuable power-ups so far, not recommended to be taken during Transport alien only levels.
  • Aliens-to-coins - A safer and probably better version of the Level skip power-up but speedrunners may not like this one, what this does is destroy every alien on the screen and turns them into score coins, when all coins are gone the level is done and your ship can leave, this is probably the most valuable power-up there is, but do not take this during Transport alien only levels.