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The game doesn't have much of a plot, but what the player has to do is to use their modern spaceship to fend off an alien invasion on their homeland, which is most likely a galaxy or a solar system.


The game contains 10 Missions, each containing at least 12 levels or stages with 1 boss fight, each missions contain different kinds of aliens and alien formations, and with each increasing mission, more powerful aliens will appear which will increase the difficulty of the game, but better weapon grades and power-ups will also start to drop to give the player a better fighting chance, bosses will also become increasingly powerful as the player gets into more advanced missions.

All levels will have predictable pacing so if the player wishes to recognize how each level works, they can expect it to be consistent almost every time, however what can't be predicted are the drops that enemies can give for the player which can affect speedruns for example.