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Primary Weapon[edit]

Corrosion infecting numbers of barriers

Your ship will have its primary weapon which consists of some sort of a blue plasma shot, this shot can be increased or upgraded with the Weapon modifier power-up and there ways to improve this shot as well, which will be given on the Strategies and Techniques page, one thing to note is that Triple shot is better in some ways, and Four shot can also be better in some ways, it is up to you if you want extra coverage or better damage per shot.

Your ship can only handle 1 extra weapon, catching an another one will discard the current extra weapon away and will be replaced with the extra weapon you newly took, your ship can hold up to 99 extra weapons.

Extra Weapons[edit]

The game offers different kinds of extra weapons to use, 2 of them are intended for destroying Barriers specifically, and some of the other extra weapons will be available on later missions.

  • Straight Missile - Launches 2 Missiles that go straight up, hits barriers, kills most targets in one Missile shot, this weapon is commonly seen in Mission 1 due to this and Homing Missile being the only available weapon drops.
  • Homing Missile - Launches 2 Missiles that automatically lock into enemies, ignores barriers, destroys all targets in 1 Missile, this weapon is commonly seen in Mission 1 along with Straight Missile due to being the only weapon drops available.
  • Bot Launcher - Produces 5 Bots that circle around you blocking enemy shots, and can also be launched into enemies to help destroy them, hits barriers.
  • Drill - Launches a drill with a tiny hitbox, which means it needs good aim, it will destroy barriers that are within its straight range until it goes to the top part of the screen, this weapon destroys Barriers in a linear sort of fashion, it destroys even heavy barriers easily but you would need a number of Drill shots to destroy multiple lanes of barriers at once.
  • Corrosion - Shoots a tiny pink dot, when it successfully hits a barrier, it will make the barrier explode then infect nearby barriers and make them explode as well, this will keep on going until there are no more barriers to infect and destroy, this by far does an even better job at destroying barriers than Drill does due to only requiring one shot to destroy almost all barriers, the barriers must be close to each other to be infected with the explosion of the infected barrier.
  • Flamethrower - Shoots a large green spot into an enemy, causing the said enemy to be infected, any uninfected enemy that gets closer and passes to this infected enemy will get infected too and will explode after a few seconds, if the green spot is shot into a group of enemies in close quarters (little to no space between them) then many will get infected immediately, this weapon is commonly seen in Mission 8, this weapon is also referred to as Green Flame in the Help section.
  • Chain Lightning - Shoots lightning that will chain up to 4 enemies at once, if the previously chained target is destroyed it will chain to a new target and destroy it, then it will repeat the process, its damage is above average, this is a rare weapon so you may not see this much often, Chain Lightning is confirmed to drop in Mission 9 and 10.
  • Sticky Mine - Launches a mine into a target, the mines can "stack" into the target and make the explosion larger if the target doesn't move around while the mine is implanted, if launched on a moving target, the explosion will be large without stacking, this weapon is very abundant in Mission 5.
  • Nuke - Launches a tiny orange missile, once the nuke explodes all enemies will be destroyed and the level is automatically completed, this weapon is fairly common on Mission 7.
  • Laser - Shoots a laser, it cannot be panned or in other words the laser will not follow the ship's movement once its fired, this weapon requires good aim to be able to destroy aliens properly, good against aliens who are perfectly lined up, fairly common in Mission 6.