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Key/Button Action
W Move north
S Move south
A Move west
D Move east
Spacebar Roll
Shift(hold) Walk (Move Slowly)


Key/Button Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Primary attack
PC Mouse Middle Click.png or F Secondary attack
1 Use offhand item (welder, flares, etc.)
PC Mouse Right Click.png Melee attack
Q or PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Switch weapon
R Reload weapon
G Drop current weapon
E Use/Interact (buttons, computers, etc.)


Key/Button Action
C Use voice communication
T or Y Chat message
Z Communications Menu
F8 Player list/Vote panel
TAB In-game map
F5 Vote Yes
F6 Vote No


Key/Button Action
2, 3, 4 Use Squad Equipment 2-4
X Order hold position
V Order follow
F1, F2, F3, F4 Select marine 1-4


Key/Button Action
F9 Take screenshot
Pause Pause game
` Toggle console