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This is the controls for the Wii. The PSP controls are coming soon.

Default controls[edit]

  • Plus button: Pause menu.
  • Minus button: Inventory screen.
  • Neutral nunchuk: Move character.
  • Z button: Pick up items and action button.
  • C button: Use shield.
  • Right dpad: Restore health (if you have health packs).
  • Left dpad: Restore recharging power (if you have recharging packs).
  • B button: Fire weapon (with shooting icon). Also works with melee weapons.
  • Down dpad: Switch between range and melee weapons.
  • 1 button,2 button: Toggle camera zoom.
  • Up dpad: Mini-map zoom.
  • Nunchuk button: Tilt left or right to rotate camera.

To equip weapons, press Minus button then highlight the weapon you want to use and pressing the A button button.

Motion controls (Wii only)[edit]

  • Swing Remote button left or right: Heavy attack.
  • Move Remote button forward: Stab attack.
  • Twist Remote button clockwise or anti-clockwise: Stun attack.
  • Swing Remote button down: Knockdown attack.
  • Swing both Remote button and Nunchuk button down: Finishing move. Use it only when certain enemies is near death by showing a swirl icon on itself.