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Part 1[edit]

The mission is to head accross to the Suloco to try and find the missing Rhino team. The game begins in the locker room of the Sephora. if this is the first time playing the game, you will only have access to the Pulse Rifle, one pistol and one type of bomb. Continue by going towards the door you were facing. Go accross the umbilical cord to the Suloco, get through the airlock, and into the ship.

After a while, O'Neil will prompt you to use your motion tracker, before opening the door to one of the hanger bay.

it is there you get to see the hanger bay from the Alien's movie, including Bishop's discarded lower torso. Go to the right hand-door and open it.

You will then need to make a right turn towards a door and enter into the locker room. head to the left of the area to see the cryotubes, three of which are gone. head through to the door near the empty cryopods.

Enter the door to the right of the empty cryo-pods and open the door to the right (the area on the left has a fire hazard). You will then end up in a room full of mysterious secreted resin, go on ahead and you will find one of the members of the missing rhino squad through an opening and in another section of the room. You will notice that there are some sort of eggs (don't worry, they are already empty), and to the left, you will find the missing member, Keyes incapacitated by the resin. Go towards him and press the action button to use welding torch on the floor. You will then be ambushed by an alien, which will then pounce on you. get the alien off by rapidly pressing x, and then using your pistol to either quickly weaken or take it down. Once the alien has been destroyed, go back to keyes and press the action button to continue cutting him loose.

Part 2[edit]

Continue on by going to the left of the wall where Keyes was imprisoned on, head down the corridor and through the door on the left. Go to the door on the other side of the room and open the door. Make sure that you have reloaded your weapons and readied them before going in.

You will enter a large space, and that you are about to be attacked by Alien warriors (the ridged aliens). Make sure that when there is no fighting, that you take a look at your motion tracker so that you know where the aliens will atack from and homan many. Elimininate any aliens while going to the left, up the staris and enter the room. Go to the table and collect the Flight recorder by going to the table and pressing the interaction button when prompted.

Part 3[edit]

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