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Here are a list of enemies in the game.



This type of alien is actually the infant version of the alien. They are known to hatch from eggs and only attack by lunging at their victim's faces.


Lurkers can be easily recognized by their smooth cowls. They mainly attack by pouncing on their victims. They attack by ambushing their prey.


This version of xenomorph features ridged cowls, like in the aliene movie. They are one of the most common enemies in the game.


This type of alien spits acid. They can be recognized by their glowing green spots near their head.


This rare enemy is actually a weaker version of alien. However, they are still deadly. They move by hobbling on. and can only detect intruders if they move. Even if the alien touches the intruders, as long as they don't move, they wont be noticed. Most of them are inactive, but some have been known to wake up and move around. they appear as grey xenomorphs with green spots that glow when they sense intruders. They attack by simply exploding, which is potentially fatal to the intruder.


The employees of weyland yutani make up the human enemies in the game. They range from scientists to the private military commandos and Heavy PMCs.


is not really involved in combat.


Light armoured troops.

Hazmat soldier[edit]

Light armoured troops.

Heavy PMCs[edit]

heavier version of the PMCs. wears heavier armour and wields more heavier weapons.