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Aliens versus Predator 2 also allows online and LAN (Local Area Network) multiplayer games. One can choose to either host a game or find and join another server. A player can choose to be on the Alien, Predator, Marine, or Corporate teams. Each team has specific abilities. The Aliens can wallwalk (besides the Praetorian) and use only melee based attacks. Predators can cloak and use a variety of the weapons seen in the Predator movies. Humans (Marines and Corporates) have the most weapons. There are 4 different types of characters for each team. Each character has their own specialty. Although, a character's class is only put into effect if the server has the setting on (Class weapon sets: ON). If the setting is off then the player can use any form of technology from that player's race. An additional option is "Alien life-cycle" mode, where Alien players must start as Facehuggers and impregnate a player from any other team. The class spawned is dependent on the host, although Corporates spawn Runners for gameplay purposes.

There are 6 game modes. The game modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Hunt, Survivor, Overrun, and Evac.

Deathmatch is a free for all match. In Deathmatch, one can be any race within the server settings. As a player in deathmatch, one must try to cumulate the highest amount of frags. Deathmatch maps are idenitfied mostly by "dm_" before the name, i.e. dm_sanctum, dm_industry, dm_backstreets, dm_bouvetoya, dm_deadlock, dm_tarbaby, dm_hive2, dm_reservoir.

Team Deathmatch is a deathmatch among teams. The teams are fixed as the three races of AVP2. Therefore one can choose between four teams, one for each race. Each race competes against each other to get the highest amount of frags or score. Team deathmatch maps are played on deathmatch maps but some maps have been released for team deathmatch only, i.e. tdm_vendetta_v1-2, tdm_morlock, tdm_dropshipdown, tdm_hellsgate, tdm_backstreets _vendetta. Some maps like crystalcrash and tdm_hellsgate are designed for only two teams. For example, tdm_hellsgate only allows the marine and alien team to play in the map.

Hunt is another game type. In hunt there are 2 teams, the hunters and the prey. Each player is competing against one another. The object is to get the most frags. Frags can only be attained by a hunter. The prey are the only players that can be fragged in order to gain a point. But the prey have to frag a hunter in order to take that player's place on the hunter team. A ratio of hunters to prey determines how many hunters can play. The server determines the ratio and choses a player to mutate if the ratio becomes uneven. The hunt game type is played on deathmatch maps.

Survivor, another game type, has the same goal as any other game. The object is to stay alive as the defender race. A player gets a point for every second the player is alive as a defender. If a player on the mutant race (the race that is against all the survivors) kills a survivor then their score goes up by 10 for each frag. Every player starts as a defender at the beginning of a round. The round starts in Tag mode, where a defenders frag another defender so the game can begin. A defender is spawned into a mutant when fraged unless fraged by another defender in survive mode. Survivor maps are played on deathmatch maps.

Overrun can be between only 2 teams. It is akin to survivor, however players can choose which team they want to play on. The teams are selected by the host. There is a survivor race and a mutant race. The survivor race must survive and frag the other team. The mutant race must destroy the opposite team in order to win. In this mode players get lives, when they die, they go into free-fly. If either one of the teams has no representers alive then the other team wins the round. Also if one team has no representer for a round the match will automatically end and go to the next map. Points are made by the amount of players alive at the end of the round. This is true for either mutants or survives. Overrun must be done on overrun maps because of the placement of spawn points (players need to spawn with their team). Overrun maps are commonly signified with "over_" i.e. over_compound, over_cyb_moor, over_terraform, over_stronghold.

Evacuation has 2 teams which are selected by the host. Evacuation involves an attacker race and a defender race. These races determine the teams. The attacker race must find and stay alive inside the map's evacuation point. An attacker must survive in the area for 10 seconds. The defending team tries to stop the attackers from reaching this point. Each team has a specified amount of lives. The server selects the number of lives for the teams. If all the players of either one of the teams are dead, then the other team wins the round. Rounds are timed, and if time runs out, the defending race wins. In most cases, only one evacuating player needs to reach the evac point to start the countdown, but some modified servers require all alive evacuating players to reach and hold the evac point. Attacker players also have a designating arrow on their HUD. This arrow points to the evacuation zone. Players that have no lives left or are waiting for the next round go into free fly (observe mode). Evacuation maps can contain a lot of sub-missons. I.e. evac_alley requires players to find a hostage before they can start evacuation in the dropship. Evacuation maps are marked by "evac_" before their name, i.e. evac_verloc, evac_castaway, evac_gauntlet, evac_industry, and evac_stranded.