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Press Enter during game play then type and one of the following codes. Press Enter again to activate the cheat.

Cheat Code
God Mode mpcanthurtme
All Weapons mpschuckit
Full Armour mpsmithy
Full Ammo mpkohler or mpstockpile
Unlimited Ammo mpbunker
Level Select mpxfiles
Level select (with default weapons) mpbeamme
Set health to... mpdoctordoctor
Change into ... mpmorph
Toggle clipping mpsixthsense
Toggle 3rd person mpicu
Toggle speed display mptachometer
Toggle size display mpsizeme
Toggle rotation display mpgrs
Toggle position info mpgps
Edit FOV value mpfov
Edit vertext tint mpvertextint
Edit light amplification mplightadd
Edit light scale mplightscale
Edit weapon breach mpbreach
Edit weapon offset 1 mpwmpos
Edit weapon offset 2 mpwpos
Marines have slurred voice mpmillertime