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Predator Weapons[edit]

Weapon Pros Cons
Plasma Caster Lockable, when charged it kills in at least two shots Reveals your location
Combistick Doesn't reveal location, kills in one hit It doesn't lock on and you can only hit some one if they don't move
Smart Disc Kills in one hit, bounces off walls about 5 times before returning to you If someone gets behind an object you can't hit them
Mines Blows up leaving devastation in a huge radius, kills enemies in one hit and is almost invisible Drain a lot of energy from you

Human Weapons[edit]

Weapon Pros Cons
Pistol Infinite Ammo Not really a effective means of killing anyone
Shotgun Good for close encounters, very strong and deadly using secondary fire Not good unless you use secondary fire
Pulse Rifle Fast Fire, good after knocking someone back Recoil is bad
Smartgun Lockable, fast fire, detects enemies even cloaked Slow start time
Flamethrower Spray fuel which allows you to make a barrier or fire if you want Doesn't do much of any damage at all,
Scoped Rifle One shot kill, reveals hidden people when looking through scope Hard to aim when not using scope

Alien Attacks[edit]

Aliens only use Claws and Tail, they don't use weapons like guns and stuff