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  • Name: Owaro Chigzas, the Fire Dragon
  • Damage: moderate
  • Recharge: fast

A dragon borne from the light of the earth. Owaro shoots fireballs forward. (Its mouth closes while it recharges, opening again when it is ready to attack.) It can aim only straight to the left and to the right, and it tends to turn around and waste shots on destructible enemy projectiles that have missed, making it not very helpful. However, Owaro can detect destructible walls and item orbs. If it comes near such objects, it will fly toward them and face them, instead of moving close behind Alisia like it normally does.

Level Patterns:

  1. Single fireball
  2. Double fireball
  3. Triple fireball


  • Name: Ru Mardkia Rui, the Burning Sphere
  • Damage: moderate
  • Recharge: moderate

A willowisp-like cloud of fire who embodies the energy of the divine. Ru damages enemies by touching them, with its Power Gauge doubling as a Shield Gauge. It will get hurt only if it touches enemies or other hazards when its Power Gauge is too low. (Its surrounding flames appear diminished while it recharges, growing thick again when it is ready to attack.) Because Ru follows behind like the other companions, its limited attack makes it almost useless, except for absorbing enemy projectiles in some situations. It can break open destructible walls and item orbs if it flies into them.

Level Patterns:

  1. Single recharge speed
  2. Double recharge speed
  3. Triple recharge speed


  • Name: Fel Dars Mei, the Thunder Bird
  • Damage: high
  • Recharge: slow

A cockatrice-like creature of the windy skies. Fel instantly damages all enemies on the screen with blinding blasts of plasma. (Its revolving sparks appear diminished while it recharges, growing large again when it is ready to attack.) Although it recharges very slowly, its attack is powerful and has virtually perfect accuracy. Against bosses, bring it in periodically, so it can deliver additional damage.

Level Patterns:

  1. Single blast
  2. Double blast
  3. Triple blast


  • Name: Lans Ania, the Boomerang Lizard
  • Damage: low
  • Recharge: fast

A flying lizard who is as aggressive as the ocean waves. Lans throws homing boomerangs at enemies. (Its boomerangs try to return while it recharges, appearing on its body again when it is ready to attack.) Although the boomerangs do relatively little damage, they can hit multiple enemies at once, and they can angle around corners.

Level Patterns:

  1. Single boomerang
  2. Double boomerang
  3. Triple boomerang