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To access Debug Mode, when the SEGA logo begins fading away hold only A button, when the Game Arts logo begins fading away hold only B button, when the Gainax logo begins fading away hold only C button, and when the Mecano Associates logo begins fading away press only Start button. (There should be a 1-Up sound instead of the standard beep.) There will be no Game Ranking at the end.

Frame Control and Status Effects[edit]

After accessing Debug Mode, to advance one frame and then freeze the action on Controller 2 press A button. To unfreeze the action, on Controller 2 press B button. For special status effects, when unfreezing, on Controller 1 hold the following.

Full Health - Up dpad

Set Alisia's health to full, at maximum capacity (6 HP).

Thunder Power Level - Left dpad

Increase Alisia's Thunder Power Level by 1.

Companion Level - Right dpad

Increase the current companion's Level by 1, and increase its health capacity by 1 HP. (This does not restore its health. Interestingly enough, this may still be used when a companion is not selected.)

Special Attack - B button

Set Alisia's attacks to instantly defeat enemies. Her Power Gauge will not flash when it completely fills, and her Thunder Power Level will appear to be frozen, but it can be increased as usual. This effect is switched off in between areas.

Stage Select[edit]

After accessing Debug Mode, to skip the current Area, on Controller 2 press C button. (Skipping the last Stage will cause the game to return to the first Stage.) To select a specific Stage, after pressing C button, on Controller 2 hold the following.

  • Stage 1 - C button
  • Stage 2 - B button
  • Stage 3 - B button + C button
  • Stage 4 - A button
  • Stage 5 - A button + C button
  • Stage 6 - A button + B button
  • Stage 7 - A button + B button + C button
  • Stage 8 - Start button