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Near the wall left of the starting point, there is a Magic Fairy (temporary invulnerability) (on Normal only). Jump over the lily pads, because stepping on them will trigger their claw attacks. Kill the guards who leap out from the water to throw energy balls diagonally downward. When going up the first hill, beware of flying enemies who can shoot bullets. Drop down into the large pit to fight the miniboss, Malmash.

Malmash is a serpent who will leap out from the water and briefly fly through the air before diving into the water again. Watch the ripples to see where it will emerge. Stand close beside it and hit it whenever it appears, but take care not to brush against it, even when it is exploding as it dies. (Standing in the water is okay for now. No other enemies will appear until after the miniboss is defeated.) If it flies higher up than usual, it will arc back down in a tighter arc, so prepare to move out of its way. At the left side of this large pit, there is a Potion. Near the right side, there is a Meat Bone. After the miniboss dies, Twin Fairies (who are inside an item orb) will appear, but watch out for the swimming enemies who will appear in the water again.

The Twin Fairies will make a platform at the right side of this large pit. Use it to reach the path leading onward. Near the Potion and the Meat Bone, jump straight up as high as possible and shoot sweeping bolts to find a hidden 1-Up (on Normal only). Beware of more bat-like monsters, guards, and lily pads. On some dry land ahead, there is a Companion Upgrade.

Guards who ride flying platforms will swoop down and then shoot. Kill them before they fire. To reach the end, leap across the pits and stay on the high path. If Alisia drops down to the lower level, she will have to shoot through swarms of small jumping monsters and climb back up at the left. However, at this lower level's dead end on the right, there are a Companion Revival Item and an Armor Upgrade. At the climb-up spot on the left, there is a Potion.

At the bottom of the last slope, just before the water at the end, there are a Potion and a Meat Bone.

Boss: Geabel[edit]

Geabel is a reptilian beast who emerges from the water to attack. Its weak point is its mouth, when open.

First, it will rise at the right to spit out four barrages of pink bubbles that travel straight to the left. Stand on the patch of ground, and shoot its mouth while jumping over the bubbles.

Next, it will rise up twice, at different spots, to release small jumping monsters. Watch the ripples to see where it will appear. Hit it when it emerges, and kill the small monsters.

Then, it will emerge from one end of the pool and dash across to the other end. As soon as the ripples can be seen at either end of the pool, begin running away from it, and jump at the last moment to avoid it as it dives back into the water. It will make two dashes, once in each direction, and its first direction can vary.

Now it will repeat its pattern of attacks. To kill it more quickly, use Owaro, Lans, or Fel whenever it emerges. It can still be hit during its dashing attacks.