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Some of the green slimes spit three spreading shots, while others spawn more slimes. Kill them from a distance. Below the starting point, at the bottom level's left dead end, there is a Potion. At the bottom level's right dead end, there is a Meat Bone. At the bottom of the step-like platforms leading to the upper floors, there is a Potion. Try to save these for later.

At the upper floors, the spear guards who teleport will also cast homing energy balls as they thrust. Use Ru to absorb these projectiles. At the dead end to the left of the spear guards, there are a Thunder Power Upgrade and a Meat Bone. Near the wall to the right of the spear guards, there are a Companion Upgrade and a Meat Bone.

Kill all the spear guards, go to the right end, shoot the ceiling blocks to make them float down, and use them as lifts.

Boss: Palace Wizard[edit]

The wizard alternates between firing spreading shots while he appears and summoning phantoms while he disappears.

Whenever he appears, the wizard normally teleports to Alisia's position, but for the first time, he will teleport to the middle of the room. When he flies up, he will fire spreading shots at Alisia. Run to the other end of the room to avoid the spreading shots, using Ru to hit him while moving away from him.

When he summons four phantoms, who are evenly spaced across the entire floor, these phantoms will each fire a shot at Alisia. Stay at the current end of the room, kill the two phantoms who are in view before they fire, and then duck under the shots from the remaining phantoms (who are out of view). Any phantoms close enough to Alisia can shoot at an angle, so if she can't destroy the two phantoms on her side in time, she should try to jump forward to dodge their shots. After they fire, any remaining phantoms will disappear.

The wizard will now teleport to Alisia's position and then repeat his attacks, flying up and firing spreading shots at her. (On Hard, his projectiles will be extremely fast, so concentrate on dodging his spreading shots, rely on Ru to hit him, and use sweeping bolts mainly on the two phantoms who appear on the current side of the room.)

After the Boss[edit]

After the boss dies, shoot the ceiling blocks to make them float down, and use them as lifts. On the next floor, there is a Meat Bone. To the left, there is a Potion. Watch out for the red-clad guards who can cast homing energy balls. Wait for them to appear and solidify together before using sweeping bolts to kill them both. Further up on the next floor, there is a Potion. Again, watch out for pairs of guards.

Keep going up the step-like platforms to the top room. At the beginning of this top room, there are two Potions and two Meat Bones. Before going up to the end, Alisia can drop straight down below the first floating platform to land on a raised wall. Watch out for a pair of guards here. On this raised wall, there are two Potions, one of which is hidden in the air.

From the raised wall below the top room, drop left, but hug the right wall to land on a small hidden ledge. Near this small hidden ledge, there is a Companion Upgrade. Keep dropping down to reach the high floor where a spear guard has been. On this high floor, there are two Companion Upgrades. The way down leads back toward the room where the boss has been.

In the top room, Alisia has to use the pyramid-shaped floating platforms to reach the ceiling. These platforms will move along predetermined courses when she steps onto them, but when they begin spinning again, they won't hold her anymore, causing her to fall. While Alisia is using the floating platforms, more enemies will appear. The flying drones can explode and send out harmful blasts to the sides. Near the top left floating platform, there is a Companion Revival Item.

Some of the platforms are stationary, so Alisia will have to quickly jump across them before they cause her to fall. Finding the last few platforms can be tricky. From the platform that moves past below two other platforms that are floating much higher, drop down a bit to the right. For an easier time at making this drop, line up with the triangular columns that are second and third from the left (in the blue background structure). At the very high point afterward, jump to the left of the two high platforms.