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  1. Extreme power, one shot to the body is enough to kill
  2. Use the bipod when firing
  3. Fire at the end of breathing cycle
  4. Very difficult to use at close ranges
  5. Large smoke discharge from end of barrel on firing can give position away
  6. Large projectile, loss of aim point on firing and easy swap magazine make it an workable as a suppression/spam weapon

Edit from DarkSeedious: If an enemy has caught you with your sniper rifle out and you can read his name on your screen, you may want to consider not changing to the M9 and instead moving up close and firing when the rifle is pointed roughly in his direction(there is no crosshair for the m82). Make sure you can see his name before shooting, and don't even think about scoping at very close ranges.

Warning! Firing loses the scope, so if you miss the first shot you might want to consider moving to another position. The gun's recoil is strong, so you can only shoot once before you have to re-align the scope.

Code for gun: mpcheat changeclass sniper/mpcheat class s