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Only available offline or online if you/someone else has admin powers, the PDM (Pursuit Deterrent Mine) is a grenadelike contraption. When the two pins are pulled and it is thrown, the brave fellow sets up shop as soon as it hits the ground. It is a proximity grenade basically. When an OPFOR, or unsuspecting team-mate approaches too close, it snaps up into the air and leaves a meter-wide HE scorchmark on the ground. Usually, only one is needed to for a kill.

Be warned though. You should alert your team-mates as to the locations of the mines. The mines are extremely dangerous to both teams, and not particularly effective. They can be set off by a frag, a smoke, a flashbang, another mine, or a well-placed shot.

These are not fully integrated into America's Army: Operations (Firefight) v2.3

The PDM is no longer supported by America's Army.