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AA header Pipeline SF.jpg

This map is a remake of the original Pipeline. Changes consist of different time environment and the use of Special Forces. The objectives remain the same, where assault must either access the computer, or turn off all three valves.

When starting out on Assault Team, run West out of spawn and prone behind the far right corner, looking at the vents. You should have your Acog x4 with you and keep an eye on the left vent for about 10 seconds. If nobody shows up, move on...

Alternatively, lay down inside the fenced area with the SAW where you can see both vents, then begin firing at the left vent. The suppressive fire will keep your enemies from radioing to their teammates which way your team is going.

camping with a SAW is dangerous. an enemy can easily lob a nade over the fence, and the sound of your SAW will expose you and drown out any sound of the any appraoching until its too late.

If an OpFor does in fact show up in the vent, at to shoot him down. If he starts to get out of sight, keep shooting the vent, because chances are, that a ricochet will hit him.

In addition I would recommend using the night vision goggles when covering the vent. It helps make opfor in the vents stand out.

In addition to looking out for vents, another good tactic that has worked for me is hiding in the Oil Tower Entrance Outside. When the mission begins, run towards the ladder. Climb down the ladder and hide behind the Oil Tower nearest to you coming down the ladder. Look up at the left vent and scope out any enemies. Most of the time, the enemy will be looking behind the sheds or in spawn for you. This spot is different and usually gets them every time.