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New to 2.7, SF Snake Plain is a 9 vs AI map. It features a large desert area, with a fort at the center, and a few outposts around. This is also the map that features the HMMWVs, which allow ease of trasportation between the spawn, outpost, and the fort.


  1. Secure intel. The Obj resembles a map or sort.
  2. Free the POW
  3. Thermite Stinger Cache. The Obj is a white cache.
  4. Thermite Mortar Cache. The Obj is a white cache.


The 9 men squad comsisted of 4xSOPMOD, 2x SAW, 1x M82, and 1x SPR; One of these 8 member will also carry a Javelin around. They will spawn in an area around the northeast quadrant. As well, there is also the POW, held somewhere around the map.

The POW, however, is not helpless; he can free himself by looking at the lock and holding down the "use" key (default F). Once the lock is picked, Objective B is done. When he is free from the cell, he should pick up a weapon from the table nearby (the one with the radio on it). The weapon is either a RPK, AK-47, or the M9 pistol + 2 clips. With that done, he should proceed to the door nearby.

At that moment, the SAI will come on line, telling where the POW is. POW could either be in one of the many outpost, or in the Fort's basement. If he is in basement, he is in luck, as his captured weapon is also at the same level. Look around; there should be his SOPMOD (with his configuration) + 3 clips, 3xFrag, 3x Smoke, 2x Thermite, and 2x Door Breacher. Also, he should see if Obj A or Obj C is in that level.

If POW appears in one the outposts, he should look around to see if the Mortar cache is around. If so, report to the allies.


The hills to the left of the approach are good for sniping. Get the driver to drop you off there. Go into supported mode and take down as many OPFOR as you see. There is usually about four that you can get easily (two or three on the roof and one on patrol in front of the gate).

If the front gate gets breachedyou then get a clear shot at two or three more OPFOR.

Don't hang around too long or you may get hit by mortars.


These are pretty good at getting around, especially when a cache is in an outpost and the clock is running low.

The CROWS mortars on the humvee are good at taking the BTRs and the BMP but you cannot destroy the T-62 with it. It normally takes a couple of rounds to destroy BTRs and a few more than that to destroy the BMP. One thing should be kept in mind: The only BMP in this map is also equipped with a grenade launcher which, if accurately explodes a grenade close to your vehicle, may kill the person on that side of the vehicle. However, a direct or close indirect hit from a T-62 may easily blowup your armored vehicle like a tincan which calls for a single tactic: never even get slow in front of a T-62 until your javeline guy blows it up or your vehicle finds some cover at the rear or the higher ground of the fort.

If you can breach a gate and get the vehicle inside all the better, as you can get up to five opfors (more if you are lucky). Just watch out for civilians as they give major ROE points.

Oh, and put the thing in PARK before you get out! Nothing is worse than seeing the humvee trundling away into the distance when you're pinned down by a tank.


If you've got a jav use it, as the OPFOR armour can be a real pest. Your team will thank you for it.

Also, if you are too close to the target the javelin may not explode. I recommend the afore-mentioned sniping hills for the jav.


Be careful when blowing up the caches as the 'nade might bounce back and fry you or a team mate. If no one is hurt this is a real time waster anyway. Rolling a thermite grenade under the target improves the chances of a good hit first time.