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Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Year released1986
System(s)PC Booter, Apple II, Commodore 64
Designer(s)Thomas M. Disch
ModesSingle player
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This guide is for 1986 text adventure game. For the series of adventure games by Frictional Games, see Category:Amnesia. For the series of visual novels, see Category:Amnesia (visual novel).

Amnesia is a text adventure written by Thomas M. Disch, programmed by Kevin Bentley, and published by Electronic Arts in 1986 for IBM PC compatibles (as a self-booting disk) and Apple II. A Commodore 64 version was released in 1987. Disch's ironic, rich writing style, is in distinct contrast to the functional or tongue-in-cheek tone of most text adventures.


The game begins as the player's character awakens in a midtown Manhattan hotel room with absolutely no memory. He has no clothes and no money, and does not even remember what he looks like. The character soon discovers he is engaged to a woman he cannot remember, a strange man is trying to kill him, and the state of Texas wants him for murder. From here, the player must unravel the events in his life that led him to this point.

In addition to being a text adventure, the game simulates life in Manhattan. Disch's model covered every block and street corner south of 110th Street. A hard-copy map of the streets and subways of Manhattan is included in the packaging. Players move from place to place on foot, and have to reach destinations at the correct time of day to initiate plot developments. Stores open and close at the correct times, street lights turn on, and other aspects of New York City life are simulated. Almost 4000 separate Manhattan locations, including 650 streets, are part of the game.

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