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Within Amnesia, there are a few important game mechanics.

Health[edit | edit source]

Health represents physical health, reduced by taking damage. Damage is sustained from monsters, hazards (e.g. fire), falls.

There are four important health levels:

  • All is good. (Green)
  • A few cuts and bruises. (Yellow)
  • A wound is bleeding quite badly. (Orange)
  • Barely conscious. (Red)

Health will automatically regenerate until you reach "A few cuts and bruises". Further health can be restored by taking Laudanum, or exploring new areas.

If you run out of health, Daniel will die. With two exceptions in the game, Daniel will be returned to the start of a given area with full health and sanity.

Sanity[edit | edit source]

Sanity represents Daniel's mental state. Sanity generally decreases while playing due to streesful events. Witnessing any thing unusual, looking or interacting with dead bodies, seeing monsters, or even remaining in the dark can cause a gradual loss of sanity.

There are four important sanity levels:

  • Crystal clear (Green)
  • A slight headache (Yellow)
  • Head is pounding and hands are shaking (Orange)
  • ... (Red)

Sanity is harder to regenerate. Standing in candle light or near a torch can slowly restore it to "Head is pounding and hands are shaking", and standing in direct sunlight can restore it to "A slight headache".

Reaching the lowest tier of insanity causes Daniel's movements to lag slightly behind the player's actions, as well as causing the screen to blur. Running out of sanity will cause Daniel to fall to the ground for several seconds. He will recover to "Head is pounding and hands are shaking" at the cost of some health.

Flashbacks[edit | edit source]

A flashback is a event that reveals something that happened in the past.

During casual flashbacks where you hear voice-overs, you will not take any sanity loss, although the area will look slightly darker than normal.

Lighting[edit | edit source]

Large sections of Brennenburg Castle are unlit. You can light the area by using tinderboxes on the various torches, or by using a lanterin that you'll pick up.

Tinderboxes are scattered throughout the castle, and are good enough to ignite one light source.

The lantern allows you to light up the area around you, but it will consume some oil. Oil can be found in bottles scattered

Oil Barrels are refilled if you leave and re-enter a map, allowing a patient player to never run out of portable lighting.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

From time to time, an enemy will appear. The safest option to avoid one is to hide in the darkness, facing away from them - preferably after going into a room to hide. After a while of patrolling, it will eventually head to a place where it will disappear.

If you are spotted, you will have to run. Most monsters can be outrun, and reaching an exit to the map will keep you safe (and get rid of the enemy.) If you can hide behind an object and remain out of sight, the enemy will generally lost track of you, even if you are hiding in a place that's obvious to a human.