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There are on average three fossils that can be dug up each day. These then have to be mailed to the museum to be identified. Upon identification, these can be donated the museum, sold, or can be placed in your house to increase your HRA score. The stand-alone fossils are relatively more common than the rest.

Name Sell Price (Bells) Dinosaur
Amber 1,200 None
Ammonite 1,100 None
Apato Skull 5,000 Apatosaurus
Apato Tail 4,000 Apatosaurus
Apato Torso 4,500 Apatosaurus
Dinosaur Egg 1,400 None
Dinosaur Track 1,000 None
Mammoth Skull 3,000 Mammoth
Mammoth Torso 2,500 Mammoth
Plesio Neck 4,500 Plesiosaur
Plesio Skull 4,000 Plesiosaur
Plesio Torso 4,500 Plesiosaur
Ptera Left Wing 4,500 Pteranodon
Ptera Right Wing 4,500 Pteranodon
Ptera Skull 4,000 Pteranodon
Stego Skull 5,000 Stegosaur
Stego Tail 4,000 Stegosaur
Stego Torso 4,500 Stegosaur
T-Rex Skull 6,000 Tyranosaurus Rex
T-Rex Tail 5,000 Tyranosaurus Rex
T-Rex Torso 5,500 Tyranosaurus Rex
Tricera Skull 5,500 Triceratops
Tricera Tail 4,500 Triceratops
Tricera Torso 5,000 Triceratops
Trilobite 1,300 None