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Money Rock[edit]

You will notice a few rocks placed around your town. Each day one of these rocks will be hiding up to 8,500 bells inside. In order to get the money out you will have to hit it with a shovel or an axe. Using an axe is slightly better because you can strike faster with it however, unless you have the Golden Axe that never breaks using normal axes are a little pointless.

When you find the Bell Rock keep hitting it. If you stop to pick up the bells that have already come out the rock won’t produce any more because it only produces bells for 5 SECONDS. The best thing to do is stand with you back to a tree, house or wall. Doing this will stop you from falling back after hitting the rock and will help you hit the rock faster. If the rock isn’t near something for you to lean against a simple solution is to dig some holes behind you. The holes will stop you falling back too.

Money Tree[edit]

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Glowing Spot[edit]

Each town has one glowing spot of ground per day. Apply the shovel directly to this patch to produce a bag of 1,000 bells or rarely 10,000 bells. Re-burying the bag in the same hole produces a sapling that may grow into a tree that gives three bags of money once, but this is risky because the glowing spot often shows up in infertile cells. If the glowing spot is on fertile ground, burying another shovel there should produce a tree containing a golden shovel, which has a chance of finding a bag of 100 bells whenever the player digs in empty ground.


There are 6 different kinds of fruit in the world of Animal Crossing. Your town will start out with a random fruit. The fruit you can get are: an apple, a pear, an orange, a peach and a cherry.

When you try to sell your designated town fruit to Tom Nook, he will give you 100 bells for each piece. If you get fruit from another town he'll buy it for 500 bells.

The coconut, when you go to the animal island, you can get coconuts off the trees. You can only plant them near the beach. Tom Nook will buy them for 150 bells a pop.


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