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Insect Month Time Location Value
Ant All Year All Day Candy or Turnips 80
Bagworm Oct-Mar All Day Trees 250
Banded Dragonfly July-Aug 8am-5pm Everywhere 4500
Bee All Year All Day Trees 4500
Bell Cricket Sept-Oct 5pm-8am Ground 430
Brown Cicada July-Aug 8am-5pm Trees 200
Cockroach March-Nov All Day Trees / Flowers 1
Common Butterfly March-Oct 8am-5pm Everywhere 80
Common Dragonfly May-June 8am-5pm Everywhere 130
Cricket Sept-Nov 5pm-8am Ground 130
Darner Dragonfly June-Aug 8am-5pm Everywhere 200
Drone Beetle July-Aug All Day Trees 80
Dynastid Beetle July-Aug 7pm-8am Trees 1350
Evening Cicada July-Aug 4am-8am Trees 850
Firefly June 7pm-4am Near water 250
Flat Stag Beetle June-Aug 7pm-8am Trees 2000
Giant Stag Beetle July-Aug 11pm-8am Trees 10,000
Grasshopper Aug-Sept 8am-5pm Ground 130
Jewel Beetle July-Aug 8am-4pm Trees 3000
Ladybug March-July 8am-5pm Flowers 130
Long Locust Aug-Nov 8am-5pm Ground 200
Longhorn Beetle June-Aug 8am-5pm Trees 200
Mantis Aug-Oct 8am-5pm Flowers 430
Migratory Locust Sept-Nov 8am-7pm Ground 200
Mole Cricket Nov-May All Day Underground 1350
Mosquito May-Sept 8am-11pm Everywhere 130
Mountain Beetle July-Aug 11pm-8am Trees 2000
Pill Bug July-Aug All Day Under Rocks 250
Pine Cricket Sept-Oct 5pm-8am Ground 100
Pondskater June-Sept 8am-7pm Pond / Lake 130
Purple Butterfly June-Aug 8am-5pm Everywhere 2000
Red Dragonfly Sept-Oct 8am-7pm Everywhere 80
Robust Cicada July-Aug 8am-5pm Trees 300
Saw Stag Beetle July-Aug 7pm-8am Trees 2000
Snail Apr-Sept All Day Flowers 250
Spider Apr-Sept All Day Trees 300
Spotted Ladybug March-July 8am-5pm Flowers 200
Tiger Butterfly Apr-Sept 8am-5pm Around flowers 200
Walker Cicada July-Sept 8am-5pm Trees 400
Yellow Butterfly March-Oct 8am-5pm Everywhere 80