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This is the list of villagers that can move in ot out of your town. You can have up to fifteen villagers in your town; once your fifteenth villager moves in, villagers will start to move out. villagers will not let the player know when they are moving. If you talk to them frequently and mail letters they will not moves, but if you don't villagers will move.

List Of Villagers[edit]

Name Catchphrase Personality Animal Gender
Ace ace Jock Bird Male
Admiral aye aye Cranky Bird Male
Alfonso it's a me Lazy Alligator Male
Alli graaagh Snooty Alligator Female
Amelia eaglet Snooty Eagle Female
Anchovy chuurp Lazy Bird Male
Anicotti canoli Peppy Mouse Female
Ankha me meow Snooty Cat Female
Annalise nipper Snooty Horse Female
Apollo pah Cranky Eagle Male
Astrid my pet Snooty Kangaroo Female
Aurora b-b-baby Normal Peguin Female
Ava beaker Normal Chicken Female
Axel WHONK Jock Elephant Male
Aziz RAWR Jock Lion Male
Baabara daahling Snooty Sheep Female
Bangle growf Peppy Tiger Female
Bea bingo Normal Dog Female
Belle cuddles Peppy Cow Female
Bertha bloop Normal Hippo Female
Bessie buttercup Normal Cow Female
Betty cluckling Normal Chicken Female
Biff squirt Jock Hippo Male
Bill quacko Jock Duck Male
Billy dagnaabit Jock Goat Male
Biskit dawg Lazy Dog Male
Bitty my dear Snooty Hippo Female
Blaire nutlet Snooty Squirrel Female
Bliss hulaaaa Normal Squirrel Female
Bluebear peach Peppy Cub Female
Bob pthhpth Lazy Cat Male
Bones yip yip Lazy Dog Male
Boomer human Lazy Peguin Male
Boots munchie Jock Alligator Male
Boris schnort Cranky Pig Male
Bubbles hipster Peppy Hippo Female
Buck pardner Jock Horse Male
Bud maaan Jock Lion Male
Bunnie tee-hee Peppy Bunny Female
Butch ROOOOOWF Cranky Dog Male
Buzz captain Cranky Eagle Male
Camofrog ten-hut Cranky Frog Male
Candi sweetie Peppy Mouse Female
Carmen bumpkin Snooty Mouse Female
Carrie little one Normal Kangaroo Female
Cashmere baaaby Snooty Sheep Female
Cesar highness Cranky Gorilla Male
Cheri tralala Peppy Cub Female
Chevre la baa Normal Goat Female
Chico cheeeeese Lazy Mouse Male
Chief harrumph Cranky Wolf Male
Chow aiya Cranky Bear Male
Chuck jerky Cranky Bull Male
Claude hopalong Lazy Rabbit Male
Cleo sugar Snooty Horse Female
Cobb hot dog Jock Pig Male
Coco doyoing Normal Rabbit Female
Cookie arfer Peppy Dog Female
Cousteau oui oui Jock Frog Male
Cube d-d-dude Lazy Peguin Male
Cupcake sugar pie Snooty Cub Female
Curly nyoink Jock Pig Male
Cyrano ah-CHOO Cranky Anteater Male
Daisy bow-WOW Normal Dog Female
Deena sugarbill Normal Duck Female
Derwin derrrrr Lazy Duck Male
Dizzy woo-oo Lazy Elephant Male
Dobie ohmmm Lazy Wolf Male
Doc "ol' bunny" Lazy Rabbit Male
Dora squeaky Normal Mouse Female
Dotty wee one Peppy Rabbit Female
Dozer zzzzzz Lazy Bear Male
Drift brah Jock Frog Male
Ed greenhorn Jock Horse Male
Egbert doodle-duh Lazy Chicken Male
Elina shrimp Snooty Elephant Female
Ellie wee one Normal Elephant Female
Elmer tenderfoot Lazy Horse Male
Eloise tooooot Snooty Elephant Female
Emerald sproing Normal Frog Female
Eunice lambchop Normal Sheep Female
Faith aloha Normal Koala Female
Fang cha-chomp Cranky Wolf Male
Filbert bucko Lazy Squirrel Male
Flash baby Cranky Bird Male
Flossie meep Peppy Mouse Female
Freckles ducky Peppy Duck Female
Freya uff da Snooty Wolf Female
Friga brrmph Snooty Peguin Female
Gabi honeybun Peppy Rabbit Female
Gaston mon chou Cranky Rabbit Male
Genji otaku Jock Rabbit Male
Goldie woof Normal Dog Female
Gonzo mate Cranky Koala Male
Goose buh-kay Jock Chicken Male
Grizzly grr Cranky Bear Male
Groucho grumble Cranky Bear Male
Gruff bleh eh eh Cranky Goat Male
Gwen h-h-hon Snooty Peguin Female
Hambo yo Jock Pig Male
Hank buhk buhk Jock Chicken Male
Hazel nutmeg Normal Squirrel Female
Hector coo-HAH Jock Chicken Male
Hopper slushie Cranky Peguin Male
Hornsby schnozzle Lazy Rhino Male
Huck hopper Lazy Frog Male
Huggy bear Peppy Koala Female
Hugh snortle Lazy Pig Male
Iggy paaally Jock Goat Male
Jambette croa-kay Normal Frog Female
Jay heeeeeyy Jock Bird Male
Jeremiah nee-deep Lazy Frog Male
Joey bleeeeeck Lazy Duck Male
June rainbow Normal Cub Female
Kabuki meooo-OH Cranky Cat Male
Kiki kitty cat Normal Cat Female
Kitt child Normal Kangaroo Female
Kitty mrowrr Snooty Cat Female
Kody okey-dokey Jock Cub Male
Leigh cutie Peppy Chicken Female
Leopold lion cub Jock Lion Male
Limberg squinky Cranky Mouse Male
Liz groonch Normal Alligator Female
Lobo ah-rooooo Cranky Wolf Male
Louie toots Jock Gorilla Male
Lucky rrr-owch Lazy Dog Male
Lucy snoooink Normal Pig Female
Lulu yaaaawl Peppy Hippo Female
Maddie yippee Peppy Dog Female
Maelle duckling Snooty Duck Female
Mallary quackpth Snooty Duck Female
Maple honey Normal Cub Female
Marcy young 'un Peppy Kangaroo Female
Mathilda wee baby Snooty Kangaroo Female
Midge tweedledee Normal Bird Female
Mint ahhhhhh Snooty Squirrel Female
Mitzi mew Normal Cat Female
Monique pffffft Snooty Cat Female
Murphy laddie Cranky Cub Male
Nate yawwwn Lazy Bear Male
Nibbles niblet Peppy Squirrel Female
Nosegay hoooonnk Normal Anteater Female
O'Hare amigo Cranky Rabbit Male
Octavian sucker Cranky Octopus Male
Olive sweet-pea Normal Cub Female
Olivia purrr Snooty Cat Female
Opal snoot Snooty Elephant Female
Otis I s'pose Lazy Bird Male
Oxford bully, eh Cranky Bull Male
Ozzie ol' bear Lazy Koala Male
Pango snooooof Peppy Anteater Female
Paolo pal Lazy Elephant Male
Pate quackle Peppy Duck Female
Patty how now Peppy Cow Female
Peaches neighbor Normal Horse Female
Peanut slacker Peppy Squirrel Female
Pecan chipmunk Snooty Squirrel Female
Peewee li'l dude Cranky Gorilla Male
Penny ska-WEAK Peppy Mouse Female
Petunia moo la la Snooty Cow Female
Pierce winger Jock Eagle Male
Pigleg arrrn Cranky Pig Male
Pinky cubbie Peppy Bear Female
Piper chickadee Peppy Bird Female
Pippy li'l hare Peppy Rabbit Female
Plucky chicky poo Peppy Chicken Female
Pompom rah rah Peppy Duck Female
Poncho li'l bear Jock Cub Male
Portia ruffian Snooty Dog Female
Prince burrup Lazy Frog Male
Puck brrrrrrrrr Lazy Peguin Male
Puddles splish Peppy Frog Female
Pudge pudgy Lazy Cub Male
Punchy mrmpht Lazy Cat Male
Purrl kitten Snooty Cat Female
Queenie chicken Snooty Ostrich Female
Quetzal SKREEE Jock Eagle Male
Rasher swine Cranky Pig Male
Rex cool-cat Lazy Lion Male
Rhoda clucky Snooty Chicken Female
Ricky nutcase Cranky Squirrel Male
Rio li'l chick Peppy Ostrich Female
Rizzo squee Cranky Mouse Male
Roald b-b-buddy Jock Peguin Male
Robin la-di-da Snooty Bird Female
Rocco hippie Cranky Hippo Male
Rolf grrrolf Cranky Tiger Male
Rollo beaulch Lazy Hippo Male
Rosie silly Peppy Cat Female
Rowan mango Cranky Tiger Male
Sally WHEE Normal Squirrel Female
Samson pipsqueak Jock Mouse Male
Sandy speedy Normal Ostrich Female
Savannha y'all Normal Horse Female
Scoot Zip Zoom Jock Duck Male
Snake bunyip Jock Rabbit Male
Snooty snifffff Snooty Anteater Female
Spike punk Cranky Rhino Male
Spork snork Lazy Pig Male
Sprocket zort Jock Ostrich Male
Static krzzt Cranky Squirrel Male
Stella baa-da-bing Normal Sheep Female
Stinky GAHHHH Jock Cat Male
Stu moo-dude Lazy Bull Male
Sue E. snort Snooty Pig Female
Sven buh-uh-ud Lazy Goat Male
Sydney sunshine Normal Koala Female
T-Bone moocher Lazy Bull Male
Tabby me-WOW Peppy Cat Female
Tad sluuuurp Jock Frog Male
Tangy reeeeOWR Peppy Cat Female
Tank kerPOW Jock Rhino Male
Teddy grooof Jock Bear Male
Tiara lovey Snooty Rhino Female
Tom me-YOWZA Cranky Cat Male
Truffles snoutie Peppy Pig Female
Tutu twinkles Peppy Bear Female
Twiggy cheepers Peppy Bird Female
Twirp CHIRP Cranky Bird Male
Tybalt grrRAH Cranky Lion Male
Ursala groomph Snooty Bear Female
Valise tadder Snooty Kangaroo Female
Velma blih Snooty Goat Female
Vesta baaaffo Normal Sheep Female
Vladimir nyet Cranky Cub Male
Walker wuh Lazy Dog Male
Wart Jr. grr-ribbit Cranky Frog Male
Weber quaa Lazy Duck Male
Winnie hay-OK Peppy Horse Female
Wolfgang snarrrl Cranky Wolf Male
Woolio biz-aaa Jock Sheep Male
Yodel odelay Lazy Gorilla Male
Yuka tsk tsk Snooty Koala Female
Zoe whifffff Normal Anteater Female