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This is a list of some of the changes made from the previous two games.

  • There is a new city area featuring shops and other places not found in the two previous games.
  • Harriet will now change the player's face as well as their hair by replacing their old face with that of a Mii.
  • Real-world holidays that were absent in Wild World, such as Christmas and Halloween, have returned.
  • Holiday characters, such as Jingle the reindeer, have returned.
  • Each player in a town has his or her own house.
  • Each player's house is in a different area of town, as opposed to the central hub found in Animal Crossing.
  • Players may now change the sleeves, fronts, and backs of their outfits instead of changing the outfit as a whole.
  • Players may now change the color of their shoes.
  • Instead of talking to Pelly in the town hall, players must use an ABD machine to manage their account and mortgages.
  • Towns can have slopes and cliffs in them, similar to the first Animal Crossing game.
  • As this is a Wii game, you cannot see balloons flying across unless you press Up dpad, as before you could see them on the upper screen of the DS.
  • Tom Nook's store and Able Sisters are no longer side by side, but in different parts of town.
  • Rover greets you every time you begin play instead of in Wi-Fi.
  • During the Fishing Tourney, instead of going to see Tortimer, you show your fish to a beaver called Chip. Also, the Bug-Off features a new character called Nat.
  • Grass will wear down over time if walked on repeatedly.