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Northern Hemisphere,Southern Hemisphere
Name Image Price (Bells) Location Months available Times available
Common Butterfly ACNH Common Butterfly.png 160 Near flowers Sept.-June 4am-7pm
Yellow Butterfly ACNH Yellow Butterfly.png 160 Near flowers Mar.-June, Sept.-Oct. 4am-7pm
Tiger Butterfly ACNH Tiger Butterfly.png 240 Near flowers Mar.-Sept. 4am-7pm
Peacock Butterfly ACNH Peacock Butterfly.png 2,500 Near flowers Mar.-June 4am-7pm
Common Bluebottle ACNH Common Bluebottle.png 300 Near flowers Apr.-Aug. 4am-7pm
Paper Kite Butterfly ACNH Paper Kite Butterfly.png 1,000 Near flowers All year 8am-7pm
Great Purple Emperor ACNH Great Purple Emperor.png 3,000 May-Aug. 4am-7pm
Emperor Butterfly ACNH Emperor Butterfly.png 4,000 Near flowers Dec.-Mar., June-Sept. 5pm-8am
Agrias Butterfly ACNH Agrias Butterfly.png 3,000 Near flowers Apr.-Sept. 8am-5pm
Rajah Brooke's Birdwing ACNH Rajah Brooke's Birdwing.png 2,500 Apr.-Sept., Dec.-Feb. 8am-5pm
Queen Alexandria's Birdwing ACNH Queen Alexandria's Birdwing.png 4,000 May-Sept. 8am-4pm
Moth ACNH Moth.png 130 Near lights All year 7pm-4am
Atlas Moth ACNH Atlas Moth.png 3,000 On trees Apr.-Sept. 7pm-4am
Madagascan Sunset Moth ACNH Madagascan Sunset Moth.png 2,500 Apr.-Sept. 8am-4pm
Long Locust ACNH Long Locust.png 200 On ground Apr.-Nov. 8am-7pm
Mantis ACNH Mantis.png 430 On flowers Mar.-Nov. 8am-5pm
Orchid Mantis ACNH Orchid Mantis.png 2,400 On flowers Mar.-Nov. 8am-5pm
Honeybee ACNH Honeybee.png 200 Near flowers Mar.-July 8am-5pm
Wasp ACNH Wasp.png 2,500 In trees All year All day
Darner Dragonfly ACNH Darner Dragonfly.png 230 Flying Apr.-Oct. 8am-5pm
Banded Dragonfly ACNH Banded Dragonfly.png 4,500 Flying May-Oct. 8am-5pm
Mole Cricket ACNH Mole Cricket.png 500 Underground Nov.-May All day
Pondskater ACNH Pondskater.png 130 Pond or river May-Sept. 8am-7pm
Diving Beetle ACNH Diving Beetle.png 800 Pond or river May-Sept. 8am-7pm
Giant Water Bug ACNH Giant Water Bug.png 2,000 Pond or river Apr.-Sept. 7pm-8am
Stinkbug ACNH Stinkbug.png 120 On flowers Mar.-Oct. All day
Man-faced Stink Bug ACNH Man-faced Stinkbug.png 1,000 On flowers Mar.-Oct. 7pm-8am
Ladybug ACNH Ladybug.png 200 On flowers Mar.-June, Oct. 8am-5pm
Tiger Beetle ACNH Tiger Beetle.png 1,500 On ground Feb.-Oct. All day
Jewel Beetle ACNH Jewel Beetle.png 2,400 On tree stumps Apr.-Aug. All day
Violin Beetle ACNH Violin Beetle.png 450 On tree stumps May-June, Sept.-Nov. All day
Citrus Long-horned Beetle ACNH Citrus Long-horned Beetle.png 350 On tree stumps All year All day
Rosalia Batesi Beetle ACNH Rosalia Batesi Beetle.png 3,000 On tree stumps May-Sept. All day
Bagworm ACNH Bagworm.png 600 In trees All year All day
Hermit Crab ACNH Hermit Crab.png 1,000 In white shells All year 7pm-8am
Wharf Roach ACNH Wharf Roach.png 200 On shore rocks All year All day
Fly ACNH Fly.png 60 On trash All year All day
Flea ACNH Flea.png 70 On villagers Apr.-Nov. All day
Snail ACNH Snail.png 250 On rocks or shrubs during rain All year All day
Pill Bug ACNH Pill Bug.png 250 In rocks Sept.-June 11pm-4pm
Centipede ACNH Centipede.png 300 In rocks Sept.-June 4pm-11pm
Spider ACNH Spider.png In trees All year 7pm-8am
Tarantula ACNH Tarantula.png 8,000 On ground Nov.-Apr. 7pm-4am
Scorpion ACNH Scorpion.png 8,000 On ground May-Oct. 7pm-4am