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ACNH Camera Icon.png

The Camera app is available in your NookPhone at the beginning of the game. It is useful for taking screenshots of all your island decorations and to obtain Nook Miles. The advantage of using the camera app instead of the Switch's snapshot button is the ability to use filters and frames and zooming in and out.


The camera interface.
Changing the camera position
You can zoom in the camera by pressing X button and zoom out by pressing Y button.
To move the camera, use Neutral dpad.
Setting the scene
Choose one of the available filters by pressing ZL button and choose a frame by pressing down the L button.
If you press the R button button, your character will look at the camera.
Taking the photo
Press Plus button to take a photo. This will save the screenshot into your Switch Album. It will be either stored in your Switch storage or on your SD card, based on your setting.
To exit the camera, press Minus button or B button.
Hiding the user interface
Click Press rstick to hide the user interface. This will allow the recording of video files without the user interface. This was added in version 1.4.0, after a glitch was patched in the previous patch that allowed players to hide the user interface.

Obtaining the screenshots[edit]

The stored screenshots in your Switch Album can be shared via Facebook or Twitter. If you do not have a microSD card, this is a good way to move the screenshots to your computer.



Nook Miles[edit]

One of the Nook Miles tasks, the Island shutterbug gives a reward for first photo taken using the Camera app.
After obtaining the Nook Miles+ upgrade, you might occasionally see the Capture a Moment task, which also involves the use of this app.