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Button Action
Neutral control
  • Walk
  • Move cursor
B button+Neutral control
  • Run
A button
  • Talk (while facing another character)
  • Enter a building (while facing a door)
  • Shake tree (while facing a tree)
  • Read messages (while facing a bulletin board)
  • Use item (when holding an item)
  • Tap to speed up crafting animation
B button
  • Back to previous screen
  • Speed up text
X button
  • Open/close inventory
Y button
  • Put away items/furniture
ZL button
  • NookPhone
R button
  • Write message
ZR button
  • Reactions
Neutral rstick
  • Adjust camera
  • Scroll up/down lists
Up dpad
  • Open tool ring (outdoors)
  • Turn on/off lights (home)
Left dpad
  • Previous tool (outdoors)
Right dpad
  • Next tool (outdoors)
  • Storage (home)
Down dpad
  • Put away tool (outdoors)
  • Design mode (home)
Minus button
  • Save and exit