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Northern Hemisphere,Southern Hemisphere
Name Image Price Location Months Time
Bitterling 900 River Nov.-Mar. All day
Pale Chub 200 River All year 9am-4pm
Crucian Carp 160 River All year All day
Dace 240 River All year 4pm-9am
Carp 300 Pond All year All day
Koi 4,000 Pond All year 4pm-9am
Goldfish 1,300 Pond All year All day
Pop-eyed Goldfish 1,300 Pond All year 9am-4pm
Ranchu Goldfish 4,500 Pond All year 9am-4pm
Killifish 300 Pond Apr.-Aug. All day
Crawfish 200 Pond Apr.-Sept. All day
Soft-shelled Turtle 3,750 River Aug.-Sept. 4pm-9am
Snapping Turtle 5,000 River Apr.-Oct. 9pm-4am
Tadpole 100 Pond Mar.-July All day
Frog 120 Pond May-Aug. All day
Freshwater Goby 400 River All year 4pm-9am
Loach 400 River Mar.-May All day
Catfish 800 Pond May-Oct. 4pm-9am
Giant Snakehead 5,500 Pond June-Aug. 9am-4pm
Bluegill 180 River All year 9am-4pm
Yellow Perch 300 River Oct.-Mar. All day
Black Bass 400 River All year All day
Tilapia 800 River June-Oct. All day
Pike 1,800 River Sept.-Dec. All day
Pond Smelt 400 River Dec.-Feb. All day
Sweetfish 900 River July-Sept. All day
Cherry Salmon 1,000 River (Clifftop) Mar.-June, Sept.-Nov. 4pm-9am
Char 3,800 River (Clifftop) Mar.-June, Sept.-Nov. 4pm-9am
Golden Trout 15,000 River (Clifftop) Mar.-May, Sept.-Nov. 4pm-9am
Stringfish 15,000 River (Clifftop) Dec.-Mar. 4pm-9am
Salmon 700 River (Mouth) Sept. All day
King Salmon 1,800 River (Mouth) Sept. All day
Mitten Crab 2,000 River Sept.-Nov. 4pm-9am
Guppy 1,300 River Apr.-Nov. 9am-4pm
Nibble Fish 1,500 River May-Sept. 9am-4pm
Angelfish 3,000 River May-Oct. 4pm-9am
Betta 2,500 River May-Oct. 9am-4pm
Neon Tetra 500 River Apr.-Nov. 9am-4pm
Rainbowfish 800 River May-Oct. 9am-4pm
Piranha 2,500 River June-Sept. 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am
Arowana 10,000 River June-Sept. 4pm-9am
Dorado 15,000 River June-Sept. 4am-9pm
Gar 6,000 Pond June-Sept. 4pm-9am
Arapaima 10,000 River June-Sept. 4pm-9am
Saddled Bichir 4,000 River June-Sept. 9pm-4am
Sturgeon 10,000 River (Mouth) Sept.-Mar. All day
Sea Butterfly 1,000 Sea Dec.-Mar. All day
Sea Horse 1,100 Sea Apr.-Nov. All day
Clown Fish 650 Sea Apr.-Sept. All day
Surgeonfish 1,000 Sea Apr.-Sept. All day
Butterfly Fish 1,000 Sea Apr.-Sept. All day
Napoleonfish 10,000 Sea July-Aug. 4am-9pm
Zebra Turkeyfish 500 Sea Apr.-Nov. All day
Blowfish 5,000 Sea Nov.-Feb. 9pm-4am
Puffer Fish 250 Sea July-Sept. All day
Anchovy 200 Sea All year 4am-9pm
Horse Mackerel 150 Sea All year All day
Barred Knifejaw 5,000 Sea Mar.-Nov. All day
Sea Bass 400 Sea All year All day
Red Snapper 3,000 Sea All year All day
Dab 300 Sea Oct.-Apr. All day
Olive Flounder 800 Sea All year All day
Squid 500 Sea Dec.-Aug. All day
Moray Eel 2,000 Sea Aug.-Oct. All day
Ribbon Eel 600 Sea June-Oct. All day
Tuna 7,000 Pier Nov.-Apr. All day
Blue Marlin 10,000 Pier Nov.-Apr., July-Sept. All day
Giant Trevally 4,500 Pier May-Oct. All day
Mahi-mahi 6,000 Pier May-Oct. All day
Ocean Sunfish 4,000 Sea July-Sept. 4am-9pm
Ray 3,000 Sea Aug.-Nov. 4am-9pm
Saw Shark 12,000 Sea June-Sept. 4am-9pm
Hammerhead Shark 8,000 Sea June-Sept. 4am-9pm
Great White Shark 15,000 Sea June-Sept. 4am-9pm
Whale Shark 13,000 Sea June-Sept. All day
Suckerfish 1,500 Sea June-Sept. All day
Football Fish 2,500 Sea Nov.-Mar. 4pm-9am
Oarfish 9,000 Sea Dec.-May All day
Barreleye 15,000 Sea All year 9pm-4am
Coelacanth 15,000 Sea (Rainy Days) All year All day