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May Day[edit]

The morning announcement.

May Day is an event held from May 1st to May 7th. It is announced a few days beforehand on the island's bulletin board. To engage in the event, you must speak with Tom Nook at Resident Services. He explains that "May Day is a day when we express our gratitude to those who work hard." As a thank you for all the work hard that has gone into making your island great, he made a special May Day Tour. The tickets are left at the Airport.

To go on the tour, speak to Orville at the Airport and choose the I wanna fly! and the Use May Day Ticket options. You cannot bring anything with you; all items you currently have in your inventory are held at the counter.

May Day Tour[edit]

Rover, the special character for this event.

You arrive on an island with a hedge maze. You must navigate through it by using items you find on your way–tools, fruit, and crafting materials. If you are stuck, talk to Wilbur and he will provide hints. If you get stuck or want to start over, call the ! Rescue Service. For 100 Nook Miles, the entire maze will be reset and your inventory will be cleared. You keep the prize if you reset after reaching the goal. Besides the prize, you may find 8 Bell Vouchers on the island. You will only take the prize and any collected Bell Vouchers back to your island; any bushes, flowers or trees in your inventory will disappear after you leave this special island. Both the prize and Bell Vouchers will be delivered by mail immediately.
Rover makes a special appearance at this event. He is waiting at the maze's goal, where he congratulates you and gives you the prize when talked to: Rover's Briefcase.

Navigating the maze.

Navigation tips[edit]

  • You can get rid of trees in two ways - chop them down with an axe or use a shovel after eating a piece of fruit.
  • To remove the tree stump, use a shovel.
  • You can break stones if you hit them with a shovel after eating a piece of fruit.
  • You can jump across 1-tile wide holes.
  • Use the axe rather than eating fruit to get all the possible items.

The route[edit]

ACNH May Day Tour 2.jpg
  1. Take the Shovel in front of you, dig up the bush and eat the fruit.
  2. Dig up the tree, jump across the hole and go right as soon as possible.
  3. Jump across the three holes and collect the three pieces of Softwood.
  4. Follow the path, jump across the hole and collect the Tree Branch on your way.
  5. Follow the path, jumping across two holes.
  6. Now you can go down three paths.
  7. Go down the second path, pick up the Tree Branch and the Worn Axe and go back.
  8. Go down the third path, pick up the Tree branch and the Stone and go back.
  9. Make your way back across the two holes to the tree.
  10. Chop down the tree using the Worn axe (it will break), take the Tree branch and two pieces of fruit.
  11. Return to the three-way intersection. Go down the first path, pick up the Tree branch and follow the path further, stopping at a rock. Eat a piece of fruit and hit it with a shovel to break it. Pick up the Iron ore.
  12. Make your way back to the tree you chopped - go right jumping across one hole, go up jumping across a hole and continue going right, jumping across two holes. Follow the direction and jump across the hole to where you have found the pieces of Softwood. Eat a piece of fruit and break the rock.
  13. Pick up the fruit and two DIY recipes for the Flimsy axe and the Axe. Eat the fruit and dig up the tree. Use the workbench, craft the Flimsy axe, and upgrade it to the Axe.
  14. Now you can jump across the three holes to the left, stopping at a tree. Chop it down with the Axe and collect the fruit.
  15. Going back where you have found the Iron ore, now you can chop down the tree. Follow the way, collecting the fruit.
  16. Jump across the hole and chop the three trees. You will have to dig up the stumps.
  17. You made it to the goal; talk to Rover to get your prize.
  18. Dig up the bush near Rover's place and collect the four Bell Vouchers.
  19. Dig up the bushes and go behind the maze. Continue on to the pier.
  20. You will see three rocks. Eat the three fruits you have left in your inventory and collect the last five Bell Vouchers.
  21. You can now dig up the bushes next to the pier, jump across the hole and exit.