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Party Play[edit]

Party Play is the local multiplayer using one Switch. It is accessible the moment two characters are created.
To initiate Party Play mode, choose the Call Islander app on the NookPhone. The player who initiated the mode is the Leader and the other residents are followers.

Party Play with two players; note the arrow pointing to the leader


Every player has to have their own controller. You can use one Joy-Con, both Joy-Cons or the pro controller. If you are using one Joy-Con controller, the controls change slightly—in order to access the camera movement and the function of the other set of buttons, press Press control.


  • They have an arrow pointing to their head
  • The camera follows them
  • They can play normally


  • They cannot access their inventories
  • Items they pick up are sent to the recycling bin in the residential services tent/building.
  • They can not use the NookPhone or chat
  • They can move the furniture

Swapping roles[edit]

The roles can be swapped. The current leader can give up the role by swinging their Joy-Con. The follower can accept the role by either swinging the joy-con or by pressing the right button (depending on which controller style they are using).

  • Swap the roles frequently if you are working together on a specific task. This way, you will not have to go back to the Resident Services every time to retrieve items.
  • Swap the roles if you need to find tools quickly. the followers will have to cycle through all of them, which might take a while. This is particularly useful when the ladder or vaulting pole is needed!
  • Check the recycling bin regularly. It only has space for 20 items. If another one gets added, it will delete the oldest one.


To visit or be visited by other players, go to the Airport and speak to Orville there. For online play, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required.
Some Nook Miles tasks are bound to multiplayer. Engaging in multiplayer also unlocks two apps on the NookPhone: the Best Friends app and the Chat log.

Setting it up[edit]

  • Visiting other players:
  • I wanna fly!
Choose either "Via local play." or "Via online play." for a LAN game or online game respectively.
For online play, choose "Search for a friend." to visit a friend or "Search via Dodo CodeTM" if you have the code.
  • Hosting other players:
  • I want visitors!
Choose "Via local play." or "Via online play." to host a LAN game or online game respectively.
For local play, you can set a friend code or open to anyone nearby.
For online play, you can invite "All your friends!", "Only your Best Friends!" or "Invite via Dodo CodeTM."

Dodo CodeTM[edit]

If you want more privacy, use the Dodo Code. Only people you share this code with will be able to visit your island. This is frequently used in the outside communities to sell turnips or trade items. You do not have to share your Switch friend code with strangers and will still be able to play with them. The code changes each time.
Please only share your Dodo Code with trustworthy people, in a private way. You do not want vandals running around your island!

Friends and Best Friends[edit]

If you are planning to play online with someone regularly, add them as your friend or Best Friend.
Friends can shake or hit the trees and catch fish and bugs. Best Friends can also use the shovel and axe. You can chat them via the Best Friends app on your NookPhone.


Multiplayer is a great way to get new items or even villagers:

  • Share your native fruits! Non-native fruits sell for more and there are also specific fruit DIY recipes.
  • Share your recipes. Getting a duplicated recipe is not unusual. Don't sell them, share them!
  • Other players have different color variations of items available in the Nook Miles Redemption at the NookStop.
  • Is Redd or Saharah visiting a friend's island? Try your chance at their items!
  • If your friend has an animal in a box, they are ready to move out and you can convince them to move to your island. The same applies to animals at campsites.

Some event activities can be played together as well:

  • Fishing Tourney
  • Bug-Off!
There are benefits to participating in the tourneys with other people. The participation fee is paid once for everyone and there are point bonuses as well.

Or you can make your own activities:

  • If you buy a Timer you can host unofficial fishing and bug catching tourneys!
  • Help with material gathering.
  • Roleplay! Always fun.