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How to go diving[edit]

A black wet suit

In order to catch Deep Sea Creatures, you need a wet suit. This is a new tool for Animal Crossing and can only be purchased from the shop on the Island. When you are visiting the Island you can rent one from the gyroid for the duration of your visit for free. With the wet suit equipped, press A button when facing the ocean. If you have the Fishing Rod equipped at the same time, it will take priority and you will cast your line into the sea instead.

Deep Sea Creatures appear as dark shadows under the water and often you will see air bubbles on the surface. When you are close to a shadow press Y button to dive. You will now go under and appear as a larger shadow. Swim towards the creature (you may have to chase them!) and when you reach the shadow you will automatically surface with the creature. You will not run out of air, the player will come up to the surface after a short period - this can be a hindrance when you are chasing octopi as it can mean you miss your chance. It's a good idea to dive as close to the shadow as you can to avoid this problem.

The Deep Sea Creatures available to catch depend on several different factors such as time of day and which month it is. If you are trying to get a particular creature be sure you are diving at the right time of day.

This is a list of the different times of day you can catch Deep Sea Creatures.

  • Morning: 4:00am-9:00am
  • Noon: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Evening: 4:00pm-8:00pm
  • Night: 8:00pm-4:00am


All Deep Sea Creatures are found in the Ocean both in your Town and on the Island. Watch out for Jelly Fish - they can give you a nasty sting when swimming.

What to do with Deep Sea Creatures[edit]

Like the fish & bugs, there are a few different things you can do with them.

  • Donate them to the museum: The museum is empty until you start donating things. Blathers will accept a newly caught Deep Sea Creature from you, as long as you haven’t already donated that specific breed. Once you’ve donated the Deep Sea Creature you can check the Deep Sea Creature section of the museum and see all the creatures you have donated.
  • Sell them: You can sell any Deep Sea Creatures you have at Re-Tail or Nookling Junction, preferably at Re-Tail as they pay more for your items. The price differs depending on species and whether you have the Wealthy Town Ordinance enacted. Some bugs sell for 100 bells, while others (like the Giant Spider Crab) can sell for 10,000 bells! This is handy to help pay off that mortgage!
  • Give them to a villager: Every so often villagers in your town will want certain items. Usually these items are clothes, furniture, bugs or fish. If you are able to provide the villager with the item they requested you will usually receive a reward. This can be money or another item.
  • Display them in your house: There are certain Deep Sea Creatures that you will be proud of catching. They can make interesting talking points when you have friends in your town via Wi-Fi.

List of Deep Sea Creatures[edit]

List arranged according to encyclopedia order. The Spotted Garden Eel, Chambered Nautilus and Giant Isopod can only be caught on the island.

Please note that if you have the Wealthy Town Ordinance enacted in your town, these prices will increase by 20%.

Name Image Price (Bells) Tank Size Shadow Months available Times available
Seaweed ACNL seaweed.png 200 1x1 Large, stationary November-July All Day
Sea Grapes ACNL seagrapes.png 600 1x1 Small, stationary June-September 15 All Day
Sea Urchin ACNL seaurchin.png 800 1x1 Small, stationary May-September 15 All Day
Acorn Barnacle ACNL acornbarnacle.png 200 1x1 Very small, stationary All Year All Day
Oyster ACNL oyster.png 400 1x1 Small, stationary September-February All Day
Turban Shell ACNL turbanshell.png 300 1x1 Small, uniform movement August-May 4pm-9am
Abalone ACNL abalone.png 400 1x1 Medium, uniform movement All year 4pm-9am
Ear Shell ACNL earshell.png 300 1x1 Small, uniform movement All year 4pm-9am
Clam ACNL clam.png 400 1x1 Small, erratic movement September-April All day
Pearl Oyster ACNL pearloyster.png 1,600 1x1 Small, stationary All year All day
Scallop ACNL scallop.png 1,000 1x1 Medium, erratic movement All year All day
Sea Anemone ACNL seaanemone.png 100 1x1 Medium, stationary All year All day
Sea Star ACNL seastar.png 100 1x1 Small, uniform movement All year All day
Sea Cucumber File:ACNL seacucumber.png 150 1x1 Medium, uniform movement November-April All day
Sea Slug ACNL seaslug.png 200 1x1 Small, uniform movement All year All day
Flatworm ACNL flatworm.png 200 1x1 Small, uniform movement August-September 15 4pm-9am
Mantis Shrimp ACNL mantisshrimp.png 1,250 1x1 Small, erratic movement All year 4pm-9am
Sweet Shrimp File:ACNL sweetshrimp.png 650 1x1 Small, erratic movement September 15-February 4pm-9am
Tiger Prawn ACNL tigerprawn.png 1,600 1x1 Small, uniform movement June-September 4pm-9am
Spiny Lobster File:ACNL spinylobster.png 3,000 1x1 Large, erratic movement September 15-December 9pm-4am
Lobster ACNL lobster.png 2,500 1x1 Large, uniform movement All year All day
Snow Crab File:ACNL snowcrab.png 4,000 1x1 Large, uniform movement November-April All day
Horsehair Crab File:ACNL horseshaircrab.png 4,000 1x1 Medium, uniform movement November-April All day
Red King Crab File:ACNL redkingcrab.png 6,000 1x1 Large, uniform movement November-March All day
Spider Crab File:ACNL giantspidercrab.png 10,000 2x2 Very large, uniform movement March-April All day
Octopus ACNL octopus.png 1,000 1x1 Medium, erratic movement March-July, September 15-January All day
Spotted Garden Eel ACNL spottedgardeneel.png 600 1x1 Small, stationary All year All day
Chambered Nautilus ACNL chamberednautilus.png 900 1x1 Medium, uniform movement All year All day
Horseshoe Crab ACNL horseshoecrab.png 1,500 1x1 Medium, uniform movement July-September 9pm-4am
Giant Isopod ACNL giantisopod.png 9,000 1x1 Medium, uniform movement All year All day