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Furniture are items that you can display in your house. They're basically just there to let you customize your home, but some furniture also serve additional uses like playing music or storing items. There are tons of furniture in the game, making nearly infinite potential combinations to arrange them in your house. This page lists every furniture item found in the catalog, including its cost and selling price, where to get it, its assigned colors, its size, its HHA Theme and its style.

Furniture Series[edit]

Furniture series are a group of 11 furniture, that share a common design and have accompanying wallpaper and carpet. Collecting all furniture in a series in one room will give a fair HHA score bonus, more if the room also has matching wallpaper and/or carpet.

Image Series Name Notes
Alpine Series Wooden furniture with vine patterns.
Astro Series Futuristic furniture with rounded, smooth edges.
Balloon Series Furniture made from balloons.
Blue Series Blue wooden furniture.
Cabana Series Tropical woven furniture.
Cabin Series Furniture made from cut logs.
Card Series Furniture that resembles stacked playing cards.
Classic Series Traditionally styled furniture.
Egg Series Easter-themed furniture resembling Easter eggs.
Exotic Series East-Asian themed furniture.
Golden Series Aztec/Mayan-themed furniture made of gold.
Gorgeous Series Dark wood antique furniture.
Gracie Series Furniture sporting Gracie's signature pattern.
Green Series Green wooden furniture.
Harvest Series Purple and pink furniture.
Ice Series Snowflake-shaped furniture.
Jingle Series Christmas-themed furniture.
Kiddie Series Blocky furniture painted with basic colors.
Lovely Series Furniture with heart motifs.
Mermaid Series Aquatic-themed furniture with seashell and coral motifs.
Minimalist Series Furniture that lack details or clutter.
Modern Series Checkered furniture with rectangular features.
Modern Wood Series Furniture made of different tones of wood.
Mushroom Series Furniture resembling mushrooms.
Pave Series Blue and white furniture.
Polka-Dot Series Furniture with polka-dot motifs.
Princess Series Bright antique furniture.
Ranch Series Farmhouse-themed furniture.
Regal Series Royally-themed furniture.
Robo Series Robotic furniture.
Rococco Series Gothic antique furniture.
Sleek Series Furniture with cylindrical pipe frames.
Sloppy Series Messy, used furniture.
Snowman Series Snowman-shaped furniture.
Spooky Series Halloween-themed furniture.
Stripes Series Furniture with stripes motifs.
Sweets Series Furniture based on desserts.

Furniture Themes[edit]

Furniture Themes, not to be confused with Happy Home Academy's themes, are similar to furniture series in that there are 10 or more furniture in each set and matching wallpaper and flooring. However, themed furniture are mostly decorations instead of serving a practical function. Collecting a full furniture theme will not net you a HHA bonus.

Image Themes Name Notes
Boxing Theme
Construction Theme
Creepy Theme
Mad Scientist Theme
Mario Theme
Mossy Garden Theme
Nursery Theme
Pirate Theme
Public Bath Theme
SF Theme
Space Theme
Western Theme

Furniture Sets[edit]

Furniture sets consist of two or more furniture similar furniture. Collecting all furniture in a set in the same room will net you a HHA score bonus.

Image Series Name Notes
Bear Set
Bonsai Set
Cactus Set
Cafe Set
Chess Set
Citrus Set
Classroom Set
Dharma Set
Drum Set
Fish Set
Flower Set
Frog Set
Guitar Set
Hospital Set
House Plant Set
Insect Set
Juicy-Apple Set
Lucky Cat Set
Museum Set
Nintendo Set
Office Set
Panda Set
Pear Set
Pine Bonsai Set
Pine Set
String Set
Study Set
Totem Pole Set
Vase Set
Watermelon Set
Zen Garden Set
Zen Set

Furniture Categories[edit]

Certain furniture belong to one of five categories. Having more than three furniture of the same category in one room will net you a HHA score bonus. These are: Musical Instruments, Plants, Art, Models (includes mini-fossils), and Dolls.


Everything else that doesn't belong in any furniture group can be found here.