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Image Name Buying Price Sell Price Source HHA Theme Colors Style Size Notes
Baby Bed 2,900 725 T&T Store Fairy Tale Colorful/White Cute 1x1
Clackercart 1,380 345 T&T Store Fairy Tale Colorful/White Cute 1x1
Cradle 3,800 950 T&T Store Fairy Tale Pink (x2) Cute 1x1 Refurbishable
Dolly 6,800 1,700 Spotlight Item/Wishy Fairy Tale/Toy Shop Red (x2) Cute 1x1 Refurbishable
Elephant Slide 1,200 300 T&T Store Toy Shop Yellow/Blue Cute 2x1
Merry-Go-Round 640 160 T&T Store Fairy Tale/Toy Shop Colorful (x2) Cute 1x1
Rocking Horse 600 150 T&T Store Rustic/Fairy Tale/Toy Shop Brown (x2) Cute 1x1
Stroller 1,960 490 T&T Store Fairy Tale Aqua/White Cute 1x1 Refurbishable
Train Set 1,600 400 T&T Store Toy Shop Green/Brown Cute 4x2
Wobbelina 700 175 T&T Store Fairy Tale/Toy Shop Pink (x2) Cute 1x1 Refurbishable


Four of the furniture in the Nursery Theme can be refurbished by Cyrus.