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Train Ride[edit]

Once you create a save file, you will start off on a train and be greeted by Rover. You will be asked about some basic information such as the current date and time as well as your name. There are several options that will determine how your player character will look like. Reply that your name is "Cool" and Rover will assume you are a boy, while replying that your name is "Cute" will have Rover assume you are a girl. You can correct Rover if he gets the wrong gender.

Next, Rover will ask about the name of your new town as well as its layout. You will get to choose from four randomized layouts until you get one that you like. After that, Rover will ask you a couple more questions that determine how your character's face will look.

If you're the first player to move in, you will become the mayor of the town and will be greeted by Isabelle and a few other villagers. However, if you move in after another save file has been created you can only be a resident and will only be greeted by Porter.

Settling down[edit]

Tom Nook is very generous

Once you go to the Town Hall and talk to Isabelle, you must venture north into the Main Street and go to Nook's Homes to discuss about your home with Tom Nook. Unlike in previous games you can choose where you want your house to be, as long as it isn't too close to any natural obstacles or buildings. Unfortunately, your first home is only going to be a tent. Once you selected the location of your house, return to the Town Hall and talk to Isabelle to confirm your birthday and get your Town Pass Card, or TPC for short.

If you are the mayor, Isabelle will ask you to participate in a brief tree planting ceremony. Having done so your game will automatically save.

Advice from Isabelle[edit]

Isabelle is very helpful.

Once you become an official resident of the town, you can talk to Isabelle at the Town Hall. One of the options is "Advice for living here" - selecting this option means Isabelle will give you various tips on living in the town. This is similar to running errands for Tom Nook in previous Animal Crossing games.

  • She will explain how to make friends with the animals in town and how much everyone loves getting letters.
  • She will give you a set of paper to try out the postal system.
  • She will tell you about the beach and the different shells that get washed ashore.
  • She will ask you to bring her one the next time you visit the beach. When you bring her a shell she will give you different fruit from the native fruit in your town. This new fruit can be sold for more Bells.
  • She will explain how to use the shovel to plant and bury items as well as digging them up.
  • She will talk about fishing and hunting for bugs and how many animals in town make bells doing this.
  • She will ask you if you are interested in fishing or catching bugs - whichever you choose she will ask you to catch 3 different species of fish or bug for your encyclopaedia. She will give you a net or fishing rod if you do not have one already.
  • When you return with the different species in your encyclopaedia she will congratulate you and then give you a watering can to help look after the flowers in town.