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The house is where the player can display items they have collected. As you progress through the game you can expand your living space through Nook's Homes. Houses can be furnished with many different items and opens up possibilities for higher scores with the Happy Home Academy.

One of the first things you have to do when you arrive in town is to arrange the construction of a home with Tom Nook. When you speak with Tom Nook you will have the option to walk around town to choose the location of your new home. You will have the opportunity to preview the house in this location and confirm before construction begins. Tom Nook will lend you a tent to stay in overnight as construction cannot start until the down payment is received. You will need to collect 10,000 Bells for the down payment and it has to be paid in one instalment.

Expanding your house is split into two separate paths. First you'll have to follow a set order of expansions that will create a two-story house, then you can choose to build new rooms or expand existing rooms. Each expansion costs a ton of Bells, and you can't get a new expansion before you pay off your home loan to Tom Nook via the Post Office.

Initial Path[edit]

The very first home you have will be a tent with a 16 unit area, temporarily set up at your chosen location. After paying the down payment to Tom Nook, your new home will be built. Once complete, it will be just as large as the tent, but you will be able to change the wallpaper and carpet of your house, illuminate your home with the built-in lights and be eligible for Happy Home Academy evaluations.

Your next few upgrades will be in this order:

  • 6x6 Main Room - 98,000 Bells
  • 8x8 Main Room - 198,000 Bells
  • Second Floor - 298,000 Bells

Once you pay off the 298,000 Bells after completing the second floor, you will open up a lot more options for how to expand you home.

Post-Second Floor[edit]

You can choose to build up to 4 new rooms and expand any of your rooms except the main room.

The costs are as follows:

  • Building a new room to the left, right or back of your main room - 348000 Bells
  • Building a basement - 428000 Bells
  • Expanding existing room to 6x6 - 498000 Bells
  • Expanding existing room to 8x8 - 598000 Bells