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South of the island resort is a small beach. This tiny land has its own collection of fish, bugs and deep sea creatures available year round, some that can't be found normally in your town, making it a good destination if you want to make some Bells. This page lists every fish, bug and deep sea creature you can find on the island.

Island Bugs[edit]

Name Image Price (Bells) Location Times available
Tiger Butterfly ACNL tigetbutterfly.png 160 Near flowers 8am-5pm
Peacock Butterfly ACNL peacockbutterfly.png 220 Near blue, purple or black Flowers 8am-5pm
Monarch Butterfly ACNL monarchbutterfly.png 140 Near Flowers 8am-5pm
Emperor Butterfly ACNL emperorbutterfly.png 2,500 Near Flowers 7pm-8am
Agrias Butterfly ACNL agriasbutterfly.png 3,000 Near Flowers 8am-5pm
Birdwing Butterfly ACNL birdwingbutterfly.png 4,000 Flying 8am-4pm
Oak Silk Moth ACNL oaksilkmoth.png 1,200 On tree trunks 7pm-4am
Long Locust ACNL longlocust.png 200 Ground May-November 8am-7pm
Migratory Locust ACNL migratorylocust.png 600 Ground August-November 8am-7pm
Mantis ACNL mantis.png 430 On flowers 8am-5pm
Orchid Mantis ACNL orchidmantis.png 2,400 On white flowers 8am-5pm
Lantern Fly ACNL lanternfly.png 1,800 On tree trunks 4pm-8am
Snail ACNL snail.png 250 On bushes All day
Grasshopper ACNL grasshopper.png 160 Ground 8am-5pm
Walking Stick ACNL walkingstick.png 600 On tree trunks 4am-8am, 5pm-7pm
Longhorn Beetle ACNL longhornbeetle.png 260 On tree stumps 11pm-7pm
Tiger Beetle ACNL tigerbeetle.png 1,500 Ground 4pm-11pm
Wharf Roach ACNL wharfroach.png 200 Ground All day
Hermit Crab ACNL hermitcrab.png 1,000 Ground, disguised as seashells 7pm=8am
Fruit Beetle ACNL fruitbeetle.png 100 On tree trunks All day
Scarab Beetle File:ACNL scarabbeetle.png 6,000 On tree trunks 11pm-8am
Jewel Beetle ACNL jewelbeetle.png 2,400 On tree trunks 8am-5pm
Miyama Stag ACNL miyamastag.png 1,000 On tree trunks All day
Saw Stag ACNL sawstag.png 2,000 On tree trunks All day
Giant Stag ACNL giantstag.png 10,000 On tree trunks 11pm-8am
Rainbow Stag ACNL rainbowstag.png 10,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Cyclommatus Stag ACNL cyclommatusstag.png 8,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Golden Stag ACNL goldenstag.png 12,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Horned Dynastid ACNL horneddynastid.png 1,350 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Horned Atlas ACNL hornedatlas.png 8,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Horned Elephant ACNL hornedelephant.png 8,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Horned Hercules ACNL hornedhercules.png 12,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am
Goliath Beetle ACNL goliathbeetle.png 6,000 On tree trunks 5pm-8am

Island Fish[edit]

Name Image Price (Bells) Shadow Size Times available
Seahorse ACNL seahorse.png 1,000 Smallest All day
Clownfish ACNL clownfish.png 650 Smallest All day
Surgeonfish ACNL surgeonfish.png 1,000 Small All day
Butterfly Fish ACNL butterflyfish.png 1,000 Small All day
Napoleonfish ACNL napoleonfish.png 10,000 Largest 4am-9pm
Zebra Turkeyfish ACNL zebraturkey.png 400 Medium All day
Puffer Fish ACNL pufferfish.png 240 Medium All day
Horse Mackerel ACNL horsemackerel.png 150 Small All day
Barred Knifejaw ACNL barredknifejaw.png 5,000 Medium All day
Sea Bass ACNL seabass.png 200 Very large All day
Red Snapper ACNL redsnapper.png 3,000 Medium All day
Olive Flounder ACNL oliveflounder.png 300 Large All day
Squid ACNL squid.png 400 Medium All day
Moray Eel ACNL morayeel.png 2,000 Very large All day
Ribbon Eel ACNL ribboneel.png 600 Thin All day
Blue Marlin ACNL bluemarlin.png 10,000 Largest All day
Giant Trevally ACNL gianttrevally.png 4,500 Very large All day
Ray ACNL ray.png 3,000 Very large 4am-9pm
Ocean Sunfish ACNL oceansunfish.png 4,000 Has fin 4am-9pm
Hammerhead Shark ACNL hammerheadshark.png 8,000 Has fin 4pm-9am
Shark ACNL shark.png 15,000 Has fin 4pm-9am
Saw Shark ACNL sawshark.png 12,000 Has fin 4pm-9am
Whale Shark ACNL whaleshark.png 13,000 Has fin All day

Island Deep Sea Creatures[edit]

Name Image Price (Bells) Shadow Times available
Seaweed ACNL seaweed.png 200 Large, stationary All Day
Sea Grapes ACNL seagrapes.png 600 Small, stationary All Day
Sea Urchin ACNL seaurchin.png 800 Small, stationary All Day
Acorn Barnacle ACNL acornbarnacle.png 200 Very small, stationary All Day
Abalone ACNL abalone.png 400 Medium, uniform movement 4pm-9am
Ear Shell ACNL earshell.png 300 Small, uniform movement 4pm-9am
Scallop ACNL scallop.png 1,000 Medium, erratic movement All day
Sea Anemone ACNL seaanemone.png 100 Medium, stationary All day
Sea Star ACNL seastar.png 100 Small, uniform movement All day
Sea Slug ACNL seaslug.png 200 Small, uniform movement All day
Flatworm ACNL flatworm.png 200 Small, uniform movement 4pm-9am
Mantis Shrimp ACNL mantisshrimp.png 1,250 Small, erratic movement 4pm-9am
Tiger Prawn ACNL tigerprawn.png 1,600 Small, uniform movement 4pm-9am
Lobster ACNL lobster.png 2,500 Large, uniform movement All day
Octopus ACNL octopus.png 1,000 Medium, erratic movement All day
Spotted Garden Eel ACNL spottedgardeneel.png 600 Small, stationary All day
Chambered Nautilus ACNL chamberednautilus.png 900 Medium, uniform movement All day
Giant Isopod ACNL giantisopod.png 9,000 Medium, uniform movement All day