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The Mayor and Isabelle, the Mayor's Assistant.

The first player to start a new game in Animal Crossing: New Leaf will automatically become the Mayor of the town. The Mayor's helpful assistant is Isabelle and can be found working at the Town Hall. The Mayor has 2 main duties in the town - Public Works Projects and Town Ordinances. Both of these jobs are accessible when sitting in the Mayor's Chair in the Town Hall.

Development Permit[edit]

The day after arriving in your town you need to work on getting the Development Permit in order to gain access to the Public Works Projects and Town Ordinances duties. To do this you must get 100% Approval Rating from the residents. You can ask Isabelle what you current rating is and then take action to increase it.

The following actions will help improve your rating:

  • Talk with the villagers
  • Water plants
  • Pull out weeds
  • Write a message on the Bulletin Board
  • Sell items at Re-Tail
  • Donate something to the museum
  • Change the town tune
  • Change the design of the town flag
  • Upgrade your tent to a house (This is a requirement)

Once you obtain the permit, your approval rating is no longer used.